Drinks are on us!

StorMagic CMO, Bruce Kornfeld is the undoubted life and soul of any StorMagic social gathering and now the lucky attendees of the RSA conference 2018 will all be able to have some free #BeersWithBruce He’ll be at the show, on the Fornetix booth (#741 South) and will be able to answer any questions you may […]


Ready to upgrade that old hyperconverged or software-defined storage solution? Part I

Today, IT professionals have many choices on how to solve server/storage/networking requirements in the datacenter and at the edge. Hyperconverged appliances and software-defined storage solutions have emerged as an excellent alternative to traditional 3-tiered architecture and many have already deployed these solutions. If you deployed these solutions some time ago ago then you are now […]


GDPR on the Edge

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) concerns your marketing department, it’s not your problem, right? The most common question asked to businesses after a data breach is whether or not the data was encrypted. After GDPR comes into effect, any data set including European data subjects will be expected to be fully encrypted, as standard. The […]


The Launch of SvSAN with Data Encryption

Data security is a hot topic, it seems like new stories of data breaches and ransomware are being reported every week. Regulations like GDPR are being put in place to force companies to take more care than ever to use people’s information responsibly. One area of data security that is often overlooked is encrypting data […]


Channel Growth and the Rise of the Edge

Channel Growth and the Rise of the Edge By John Glendenning, SVP Sales and Business Development, StorMagic   Edge computing is on the rise because more data is being generated outside the traditional datacenter than inside. Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) has emerged as the ideal solution for remote and branch offices, retail stores, distribution centers, small […]


Data Centre World 2018 Recap

StorMagic at Data Centre World Last week, we exhibited at Data Centre World at the ExCel in London. We had a great time and would like to thank everyone that came to say ‘hi’ and find out more about the innovative solutions that StorMagic supply. This year’s Data Centre World exceeded all expectations, the team […]


New white paper: Understanding & Implementing Storage Performance Analysis

How do you know if your storage infrastructure meets your requirements? Our latest published white paper deals with the concept of storage performance analysis. Having a complete understanding of your requirements and how your infrastructure should be designed to best meet them is critical to avoiding over-provisioning which can be costly, time consuming and inefficient. […]

ANA Aeroportos

Case Study Spotlight: ANA Aeroportos

Keeping Lisbon Airport moving with a cost effective solution maintaining uptime for vital docking systems Making sure planes can quickly and safely dock is a critical element in an airport’s operation. At Lisbon Airport, known also as Humberto Delgado Airport, the Portuguese airport authority, ANA Aeroportos, required a cost effective yet reliable solution to eliminate […]


Remote Office Tech Tip: Split Brain

Preventing the problem of data corruption Split brain is the name given to the phenomenon witnessed when two servers lose connection but continue operating. As the servers aren’t synchronized, they write data independently, causing that data to become corrupted. Watch our short handy tech tip below to find out why split brain can end up […]


Recorded Webinar Now Available: High Stakes High Availability

On-demand recording of StorMagic’s latest webinar is now available to watch The latest installment in the StorMagic Webinar Series, “High Stakes High Availability”, can now be watched on-demand at your leisure. Broadcast on Thursday March 8th, the webinar examined the concept of high availability and what is required to create highly available shared storage, using […]

Mills & Reeve

Case Study Spotlight: Mills & Reeve

High availability to maintain productivity A full service law firm with multiple locations in the UK and 930 staff, Mills & Reeve provide services to individuals and businesses, including leading health, education, real estate and insurance sector clients. IT is critical to their business – and downtime needs to be avoided at all costs. Dave […]

Downtime Tech Tip

Remote Office Tech Tip: The Impact Of Downtime

Are you prepared for your next IT disaster? Industry averages are of no comfort when your critical applications go down. Downtime is no joke – costing your organization money, productivity, business and potentially customers. Achieving high availability for your applications is critical to highly competitive organizations that undertake manufacturing automation, real-time analytics, and supply chain […]


Don’t Miss Our Next Webinar On Thursday March 8

  Just how far can you push the concept of high availability at the edge? Is it possible to safeguard application uptime in remote and demanding environments? Find out why location, cost or connectivity shouldn’t have to jeopardize your application uptime in our next webinar, “High Stakes High Availability” on Thursday March 8th. In this […]


SvSAN: Perfect For Multi-Site Deployments

Edge computing (remote and branch office) management is a huge cost driver for mid-to large-size organizations. Additional hardware, inconsistent technical support, and an inability to scale the benefits of virtualization are just a few of the challenges facing IT Managers today. SvSAN is a unique virtual storage applicance (VSA) that is not restricted by traditional […]

Simple Solution, Complex Problem

A Simple Solution for a Complex Problem

More branches, more problems? Large organization operations are more complex than the average business, and one of the main factors that compounds this complexity is the management of multiple sites. When it comes to choosing and deploying an enterprise storage solution, this is especially true. Imagine the workload required of central IT administrators when it […]

Retail Store Infrastructure: Less Is More

Retail Store Infrastructure: Less Is More

Sign of the times: changes in retail IT The mindset towards onsite IT has changed drastically. Over the years there has been a distinct move away from the traditional hefty store IT infrastructure towards more investment into implementing streamlined environments that are decentralized in application control but centralized in management. For retail IT, ensuring uptime […]

Deep Dive: Cloud Service Availability

Deep Dive: Cloud Service Availability Part 1

  Avoiding downtime and ensuring maximum service availability or uptime is a critical requirement for many organizations that operate around the clock. Fundamentally, this requirement applies to IT infrastructure that supports the business, no matter where it is located – from centralized data centers to remote sites and more recently the “cloud”. In this article […]

How To Solve A Problem Like Branch Modernization

How To Solve A Problem Like Branch Modernization

IT budgets have never been tighter for many organizations. However, it’s important to have the ability to meet the needs of infrastructure scaling while keeping critical data safe and accessible. IT budgets have never been tighter for many organizations. However, it’s important to have the ability to meet the needs of infrastructure scaling while keeping critical […]

Hyperconvergence for the edge

How hyperconvergence offers a great ROI for the edge

Continual data growth, storage and IT administration budgets and minimal downtime are concerns that echo back to us from a large proportion of storage managers that manage edge, remote office and branch office (ROBO) storage. Presented with a conventional set-up with storage arrays, drives, memory and CPUs engineered together, storage managers can find themselves with […]

Retail Fighting Downtime

How Retail is Fighting Store Downtime

Downtime at the edge: a serious problem  Billions of dollars in revenue are lost each year as a result of downtime. It is then understandable that revenue loss is the primary concern of retailers when considering the direct impact of store downtime. However, retail organizations have more to lose from downtime than revenue alone; customer […]


Case Study Spotlight: TDK

  Internationally recognized excellence  Founded in the 1930s as a ferrite producer, TDK has since gone on to become an internationally recognized electronics components manufacturer. Their products can be found in everything from modern smartphones, computers, electrical appliances, industrial equipment and automobiles. TDK’s European offices needed a highly available solution to ensure that their business-critical […]

Cisco Live Barcelona

Cisco Live Europe 2018 Recap

The StorMagic team had a great time in Barcelona! From Tuesday January 30th to Thursday 1st February, StorMagic exhibited in the World of Solutions at Cisco Live Europe 2018 in Barcelona. Our team had a great time in the World of Solutions, and we had some fantastic conversations with attendees from all corners of Europe […]


Hyper-Converged goes Hyper-Affordable

Launching the StorMagic Dell EMC HCI Appliances By Steven Santini, Partner & Alliances Manager at StorMagic I am very happy to finally see these appliances launched – they were born out of some common challenges that I see resellers and consumers alike face on a day to day basis. Like many technologies, hyperconvergence started out life […]

Enable Store Availability So You Can Focus on Your Infrastructure Development

Enable High Availability So You Can Focus on Your Retail Infrastructure Development

Running business-critical applications at the edge can be challenging StorMagic understands the challenges of running business-critical applications at the edge – especially for large regional or national retail organizations with many locations and no IT resources at the store level. So how do you achieve affordable application uptime, shared storage, high availability and reliability while […]

E.ON Case Study

Case Study Spotlight: E.ON

“StorMagic’s SvSAN enables us to cost effectively implement simple, 2-server highly available systems with minimal hardware requirements.” E.ON Climate & Renewables (EC&R) division is responsible for the renewable activities of E.ON Group. They are active in generating energy from onshore and offshore wind, biomass, photovoltaic and concentrated solar power. EC&R IT was tasked with delivering […]

always on productivity

Challenges of Delivering ‘Always On’ Productivity

It’s no surprise that today’s organizations demand high levels of application and data availability across the enterprise. But delivering this level of high availability is difficult, particularly because of the additional hardware and management required and the costs and complexities they introduce into the IT landscape. Most organizations have to find ways to deliver what […]

January Theme Preview

January Theme Preview

2018 has arrived, and StorMagic has lots of exciting new content to share over the coming months. This January, we’ll be focusing on a collection of related topics: Resiliency, High Availability and Stretch Clusters. As a reminder: “[availability] is a measure of the percentage uptime, considering the downtime due to faults and other causes such […]

St Josefshaus Case Study Healthcare

Case Study Spotlight: St. Josefshaus

New case study: Germany’s St. Josefshaus St. Josefshaus is a hospital and nursing home in Hausen, Germany that offers services to both young and older people. They provide housing, meals and on-site care for the physically and mentally ill. The servers and storage that support all of the facility’s applications (including Citrix Desktop, back office […]

Retail Store Infrastructure

The Future of Retail Store Infrastructure

The mindset towards onsite IT has changed drastically. Over the years there has been a gradual move away from the traditional hefty store IT infrastructure with more investment into implementing streamlined environments which are de-centralized in application control yet centralized in management. For retail IT, ensuring uptime of critical applications across their stores is their […]

White Paper Spotlight: Building a Highly Available SvSAN Configuration

White Paper Spotlight: Building a Highly Available SvSAN Configuration

Check out our latest white paper: Building a Highly Available SvSAN Configuration For businesses across almost all industries, downtime is disastrous. Aside from lost productivity, downtime often results in interrupted service provision, dissatisfied customers and ultimately, lost revenue. The solution is to ensure that IT systems are designed with resiliency in mind – high availability […]

Oxford University Case Study

Case Study Spotlight: Oxford University

  The University of Oxford is an internationally renowned institution that is consistently ranked among the best higher education establishments globally. Oxford’s Faculty of Classics is part of the university’s Humanities Division and is the largest faculty of its kind in the world. As well as educating, it produces world-leading research through its three research […]

Remote OFfice Tech Tip Cloud

Remote Office Tech Tip: When to Avoid the Cloud

Cloud-mania has gripped the minds of many IT professionals in recent years, promising advantages over traditional computing such as simplified disaster recovery, rapid scalability and lower capital expenditure costs. However, many CIO’s will tell you that moving all applications to the Cloud is unrealistic – and potentially dangerous when it comes to organizations that handle […]

Understanding Storage Performance for HCI Webinar

Understanding Storage Performance for HCI Webinar

Click here to access the webinar recording Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) is becoming all the rage, but without a clear idea of requirements it is easy to over-provision – resulting in unnecessary expenditure and over-the-odds maintenance costs. Equally, an under-provisioned solution can lead to premature upgrades in the future and even unwanted downtime. If you’re ready […]

Storage Virtualization: Performance And Capacity Challenges Are Widespread

Storage Virtualization: Performance And Capacity Challenges Are Widespread

While the data storage demands of organizations have increased, many companies’ IT budgets have shrunk. Organizations are seeking to re-evaluate costly and complex traditional storage models, in favour of adopting software-defined storage and hyperconverged solutions. The sometimes ambiguous use of these terms to describe a variety of different virtualization based solutions means challenges of performance, […]

Performing for Performance

Performing for Performance

Virtualization is driving itself toward replacing onsite hardware and running from the “cloud”. This is something that I believe is very achievable in the not so distant future, but there is one comment or concern I hear often: “But it wouldn’t be able to compete against physical hardware” Physical Storage performance is dependent on the […]

December Theme Preview

December Theme Preview

Throughout November we focused on HCI deployment – diving into topics such as the pros and cons of ‘build your own’ HCI solutions, and comparing BYO HCI solutions with pre-configured appliances. If you missed out and would like to learn more about this topic, you can browse our full article archive by clicking here. This […]

Black Friday SvSAN

Make Every Day a Black Friday with SvSAN

Make Every Day a Black Friday with SvSAN Black Friday is upon us and while many companies are helping you save money for one day only, here at StorMagic we have a clear message: Make every day a Black Friday for your storage by choosing StorMagic SvSAN! Underpinned by simplicity, cost-effectiveness and flexibility, StorMagic SvSAN […]

Busting All-Flash and HCI Myths

Busting 10 All-Flash and HCI Myths

This article continues on from our previous post: Have you developed ‘must have all-flash’ or ‘shiny new HCI toy’ syndrome? John Glendenning examines (and busts) 10 myths relating to all-flash and HCI solutions. Carrying on from my previous article addressing many IT professionals’ fixation with all-flash and HCI, I’d like to engage in a spot […]

all-flash HCI syndrome

Have you developed ‘must have all-flash’ or ‘shiny new HCI toy’ syndrome?

John Glendenning examines the rise of all-flash/HCI mania, and explains why a correctly-provisioned and cost-effective approach is a better fit for many businesses. Have you developed ‘must have all-flash’ or ‘shiny new HCI toy’ syndrome? If you have – don’t panic. You’re not alone as many share your affliction and it’s probably not too late […]


New Case Study: The Maho Group

Based on the picturesque Caribbean island of Sint Maarten, The Maho Group has been an established name in the region’s leisure, real estate, gaming and resort industries for over 35 years. The group’s property portfolio includes a number of locations across a range of Caribbean hot spots, as well as resorts at Maho Beach and […]


SvSAN White Paper Spotlight

Our SvSAN white paper has been updated! Implementing effective edge computing solutions can be challenging. Elevated hardware costs and additional maintenance/deployment challenges mean that expanding your operation can quickly become a headache-inducing experience. StorMagic SvSAN makes virtual SANs simple for edge computing: eliminating the need for expensive and high-maintenance physical SANs and simplifying your edge […]

The Top 3 Misplaced Concerns in Deploying HCI

What’s Stopping You? The Top 3 Misplaced Concerns in Deploying HCI

Where scalability and ease of deployment are key requirements of storage infrastructure for most distributed organizations, hyper-converged infrastructure models are enjoying a lot of attention from technology evaluators. Research from the likes of ESG and TechTarget’s Storage Market Landscape Study concur that adoption of these integrated computing platforms (ICP) is already high and that a […]