Storage Magazine review – StorMagic SvSAN

This Storage Magazine review documents the findings of hands-on testing of StorMagic SvSAN 5.2 within a Microsoft Hyper-V® environment and standard Dell PowerEdge servers. Storage Magazine also highlights SvSAN 5.2’s support for Microsoft’s System Centre Operations…


IDC vendor profile – StorMagic

This IDC Vendor Profile analyzes StorMagic and its software-defined storage product — SvSAN — designed for remote offices. In addition, relevant industry dynamics are highlighted, software-defined storage trends are explored, and recommendations are provided for StorMagic around its opportunities…


StorMagic SvSAN with Cisco UCS C-Series Solution Brief

Eliminating application downtime for distributed enterprise Click here to download this solution brief in PDF format. One of the greatest challenges of multi-site organizations is to ensure the uptime and availability of business critical applications in lean IT environments. This becomes even more challenging as organizations strive to reduce capital and operating expense. This is now […]


StorMagic SvSAN Data Sheet

StorMagic SvSAN: A virtual SAN made simple Click here to download this data sheet in PDF format. Clic aquí para descargar la versión en español. StorMagic SvSAN is a software-defined storage solution designed to run on two or more servers. It is uniquely architected with the combination of a light footprint, availability out-of-the-box, uncompromising performance and […]


StorMagic ticks all the boxes & replaces physical SAN at German bank

As CreditPlus grew as a financial institution so did their data storage requirements and would soon require additional disk capacity in order to stay ahead of their rapid growth. Learn how SvSAN replaced their existing SAN solution and met all the requirements in terms of functionality, performance, reliability and cost…


Risk management services provider gains high availability for databases

Digital Risk wanted to virtualize database, reporting, and data warehousing servers with VMware vSphereto gain the benefits of VMware HA and VMotion technologies, but it needed servers that could handle the load of a virtualized SQL Server environment, as well as shared storage. “I already knew that Cisco UCS servers performed the best with StorMagic…


Combining virtual SANs and SSDs to unlock value for a large European supermarket chain

One of Europe’s largest supermarket chains had been searching for the right IT solution for its edge sites, to help enable a superior shopping experience for its customers. Recently, the company implemented SvSAN and s842 solid state drives (SSDs) from HGST. The combination has produced a tremendous return…