Customer challenge

As one of the leading retailers for food and consumer goods in Western Canada, they are often confronted with unique challenges. One of these challenges involved cost effectively setting up a virtual server environment that would be easy to manage for their 120 stores with over 16,000 employees.

Their dilemma was being able to effectively consolidate their servers with a shared storage solution. They needed a low cost solution that would not only make life easier in terms of management, but also provide the required High Availability for added protection as they are a 24/7 business.

The solution

The search for such a solution led the retail giant to quite a few providers. After taking a look at some other options, StorMagic’s Virtual Storage Appliance (VSA), SvSAN, emerged as the most cost effective solution. SvSAN not only gave them the simplicity and High Availability they were looking for, it also happened to have a very unique integration with VMware which makes life a lot easier.

SvSAN requires no additional storage adapters and it virtualizes existing storage within the ESX/i servers to optimize utilization, and enable enterprise caliber features such as application clustering and dynamic resource scheduling (DRS). Additionally, the creation, management and provisioning of datastores is simple and straight forward for SvSAN – all from a convenient console embedded into VMware’s vCenter, which eliminates the cost, training and complexity imposed by separate management consoles for storage.

The result

Today, one of the leading retailers in Canada can enjoy the benefits of shared storage without the added cost and complexity that is usually associated with server consolidation. SvSAN provides multi-site environments with one of the easiest management tools in the industry coupled with High Availability.