Hosting & Managed Service Providers

Delivering unprecedented efficiency and cost savings to your operations

Whether you support large organizations with thousands of sites or you support thousands of small organizations with only a few sites, you need a storage solution that can be easily deployed, easily managed and easily maintained

StorMagic's SvSAN enables centralized deployment and management of every location and drives massive improvement in operational efficiency.

Benefits of Partnering with StorMagic

Cloud-hosting and managed-services providers need flexibility and efficiency in a cost-effective storage solution. StorMagic's SvSAN gives you the flexibility to support any server platform and the leading hypervisor offerings with a simple-to-manage software-defined storage solution.

Customers select hosting and managed-service providers based upon quality of service. To maintain the highest service levels, providers often operate dual, active-active data centers. Providers can leverage SvSAN as part of a vendor-independent, hyper-converged, active-active, stretched-cluster infrastructure, or to provide, redundant, active-active storage services between data centers. StorMagic's SvSAN synchronous mirroring supports active-active stretch clusters, while reducing storage costs by up to 40%.

The advanced hypervisor functions that SvSAN's enables through its high-availability storage makes it possible for hosting and managed-services providers to perform non-disruptive server and storage upgrades, non-disruptive repairs, and most-importantly, non-disruptive software maintenance and patch management, ensuring a more-secure environment for your customers.


Simply and centrally manage thousands of customers and thousands of locations with a repeatable and scaleable managed-services offering


Reduce support costs, ensure high-availability and improve the security of customer environments by enabling advanced hypervisor functions that support non-disruptive patch management and software updates


Address privacy and data security concerns with low-cost, but scaleable solutions that can be deployed on a per-customer basis with cloud-scale efficiency

“StorMagic’s SvSAN enables us to cost effectively implement simple, 2-server highly available systems with minimal hardware requirements.”

Uwe Fischer | Head of Asset Information Systems | E.ON

“We've been able to create high availability in local storage while using StorMagic SvSAN in the cloud... SvSAN seemed the most suitable product at the right price for our requirements.”

Timmy Gielen | Owner | Easycom