Help customers modernize IT with hyperconverged infrastructure and software-defined storage

Customers' desire for greater efficiency and lower cost are driving the move to hyperconverged infrastructure and software-defined storage

As a result, sales of traditional storage arrays are starting to decline. Most new solutions, however, were designed for large, private data-centers and multi-tenant hosting providers. StorMagic's SvSAN was specifically designed to replace traditional SANs and enable efficient management of small IT environments across 1000s of locations.

Benefits of Partnering with StorMagic

Stay ahead of the wave and proactively help your customers eliminate physical SANs and migrate to a software-defined storage solution. Leverage existing skills developed to support Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware ESXi installations, while maintaining relationships with existing server partners. At the same time promote long-term customer relationships and avoid competitive losses, knowing that SvSAN seamlessly scales in both capacity and performance.


Deliver a solution on your choice of server platforms and hypervisors that is uniquely designed to meet the budget, performance, and manageability requirements of branch offices, remote sites and smaller enterprises


Design systems for your customers using SvSAN, a trusted and field-proven solution supporting critical applications at Fortune 250 customers across thousands of locations


Participate in the growing demand for managed-services, by cost-effectively supporting branch office and small enterprise IT environments, using SvSAN, software-defined storage, together with the tools, platforms and processes you already know

“We needed a cost-effective solution with data replication features, allowing us to access and share critical data at all times... We found StorMagic SvSAN a good solution with an attractive price.”

Antoine Lagarde | Senior IT Technician | Centre Hospitalier Pierre Oudot

“We've been able to create high-availability in local storage while using StorMagic SvSAN in the cloud... SvSAN seemed the most suitable product at the right price for our requirements.”

Timmy Gielen | Owner | Easycom