Cloud Service Providers

Enable dedicated resources at cloud-scale efficiencies

For scaling compute and storage on-demand

A Cloud Service Provider (CSP) is challenged with reducing operational costs, increasing revenue and improving margins while meeting customer SLAs and the demands of data-security and data-privacy. Traditional 3-tiered IT architecture is inflexible and requires a high up-front capital expense, something CSPs have suffered for many years. Whether a CSP is delivering dedicated private cloud hosting, multi-tenanted public cloud hosting or on-premise managed IT services, the combination of StorMagic’s virtual SAN and any industry standard server meets these challenges head-on.

Dedicated private cloud hosting

A virtual SAN changes the game in terms of delivering cost effective, highly available, dedicated IT services at a competitive price while retaining a healthy margin. A pair of industry standard server blades in combination with StorMagic SvSAN as a lightweight hyperconverged footprint is often powerful enough for a typical SME customer’s compute and storage needs, thereby dramatically reducing capital and operational expense while presenting a platform for accelerating new customer acquisition and deployment.

Multi-tenanted public cloud hosting

For a large public cloud offering having dedicated compute and storage is likely to be the most appropriate architecture. However a traditional physical SAN is costly and inflexible often forcing a CSP to commit to storage that cannot be monetized for months. Alternatively a CSP can follow the ‘build-your-own server-based storage array’ approach with a virtual SAN at a fraction of the cost of a traditional SAN. StorMagic’s highly efficient sophisticated mirroring architecture ensures active/active high availability locally or stretched across two datacenters, perfectly matching a CSPs storage needs.

On-premise managed IT services

Many customers need to maintain their IT infrastructure on-premise, often for data compliance reasons, or simply as a preference. Meeting the SLAs of managed services for on-premise IT is challenging and cost constraints often lead to the infrastructure not being architected as highly available. This leads to service contracts that require same day response which are costly for the customer and drive down margins for the CSP or the customer will have to accept that they will have occasional downtime. Deploy a StorMagic virtual SAN-enabled hyperconverged solution leveraging two industry standard servers and allow your customers to ‘have their cake and eat it’ while driving up your margins.

What StorMagic SvSAN delivers

SvSAN enables hyperconverged, highly-available, high-performance compute and storage infrastructure on industry standard servers. StorMagic's virtual SAN converts internal disk, flash and memory of two or more servers into a robust, shared-storage appliance, thereby removing the need for a separate external storage array. By converging compute and storage into a single, robust hardware-agnostic platform, organizations can significantly drive down costs, simplify IT infrastructure and improve IT management.

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