Remove the need for a costly physical SAN!

SvSAN is the virtual SAN solution which enables simple and affordable hyperconverged infrastructure without compromising on reliability and performance

SvSAN is a software-defined storage solution designed to deliver hyperconverged compute and storage infrastructure with two or more low-cost servers. It is uniquely optimized for cost-effective, multi-site data management, enabling continuous, high-speed data access for business-critical applications.

SvSAN eliminates the need for physical SANs, eliminates downtime for business-critical applications and significantly lowers IT operating and acquisition cost. SMEs and large organizations across 72 countries have already chosen SvSAN to modernize their IT infrastructure.

SvSAN is a robust software product, designed for the realities of poor network reliability often found in remote areas, and it delivers highly-available hyperconverged infrastructure, even when networks have long latencies and limited throughput.

SvSAN supports the industry leading hypervisors, VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V. It is installed as a Virtual Storage Appliance (VSA) requiring minimal server resources to provide the shared storage necessary to enable the advanced hypervisor features such as High-Availability/Failover Cluster, vMotion/Live Migration and VMware® Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS)/Dynamic Optimization.

SvSAN can be deployed easily with the flexibility to meet changing capacity and performance needs. This is achieved by adding additional capacity to existing servers or by growing the SvSAN cluster, without impacting service availability. A typical 2-node SvSAN configuration is shown below:


SvSAN simplifies and minimizes the IT footprint required to provide shared storage, reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) for the virtual server environment.

SvSAN requires a single remote witness for up to 1,000 sites. Alternative solutions require 1 for each site. SvSAN requires 512MBs per remote witness. Alternative solutions require up to 8GBs. With 1,000 sites, that's 16,000 times more memory. SvSAN requires 9Kbps per mirrored data store. Alternatives require up to 2.7Mbps. SvSAN requires 2GB per host when using SSD caching. Alternatives require 32 GB per host. The SvSAN remote witness, which prevents data corruption, can tolerate latencies of up to 3000ms and so can be located anywhere in the world.

SvSAN is available in two versions, Standard and Advanced, and in multiple capacity increments of 2TB, 6TB, 12TB and Unlimited TB.

Key Features SvSAN:

Synchronous mirroring

To protect against hardware failures and to ensure service uptime

Stretched clusters

To increase service resiliency with geographically distributed SvSAN VSA nodes


To guarantee service uptime and eliminate single points of failure

iSCSI target

To provide multi-ported, active-active, block-based storage

SSD read/write caching*

To enable hybrid storage configurations combining the performance of SSDs with the capacity of HDDs

Memory-based read caching*

To deliver blazing fast performance for most common reads, using a variety of modes: most frequently used, read ahead and data pinning

Intelligent auto-tiering*

To dynamically move data between storage tiers depending on frequency of access

VSA restore*

To enable rapid recovery of SvSAN VSA following a hardware failure and reduce the time to return storage to its optimal state

Target migration

To enable transparent and non-disruptive movement of targets between available SvSAN resources

I/O performance statistics*

To put I/O statistics at your finger-tips and better understand your workloads

Centralized monitoring and management

To simplify storage administration allowing you to monitor & manage SvSAN VSAs remotely from a single location

VMware vSphere storage APIs - array integration (VAAI) support*

To accelerate VMware I/O operations by offloading them to SvSAN:

Multiple VSA GUI deployment & upgrade*

To deploy and upgrade multiple VSAs through a single wizard

PowerShell auto-script generation*

Automatically generate a custom PowerShell script for deployments and upgrades

  • Atomic test and set - an enhanced locking mechanism designed to replace the use of SCSI reservations on VMFS volumes
  • Write same - offload block zeroing of virtual disks

*Features available in SvSAN 6.1 in Q1 2017

Key Benefits SvSAN:


Automatically tier the ideal balance of disk, flash and memory

Tune for raw performance, high capacity and the smallest footprint

Configure for today’s needs and easily adapt for future demands


Leverage advanced storage auto-tiering to configure the lightest server and storage footprint

Reduce CAPEX and OPEX through a smaller footprint, lower MTBF and centralized management

Reduce space, power and cooling to contribute to your green credentials


Dramatically increase IOPS and reduce latency for high throughput and transactional applications

Remove costly and complex storage arrays for your most demanding applications

Protect your mission-critical services with high-availability out of the box

“We needed a cost-effective solution with data replication features, allowing us to access and share critical data at all times... We found StorMagic SvSAN a good solution with an attractive price.”

Antoine Lagarde | Senior IT Technician | Centre Hospitalier Pierre Oudot

The developer of a next-generation oil rig management platform needed a way to deliver high-availability for its decision support system. Its customers had no on-rig IT staff, but up-time was critical. StorMagic SvSAN enabled highly-available local storage for real-time analysis of oil rig sensor data, while eliminating the need to send an emergency repair crew in the event of a hardware failure.