A typical SvSAN deployment calls for cluster sizes of just two nodes as the lightest, simplest, most efficient way of delivering highly available virtualized storage. However, a two node cluster cannot retain high availability should one node be lost through failure or maintenance. The storage is still available, on the remaining online node, but is vulnerable.

Consequently, many organizations choose to deploy additional nodes within each cluster to maintain high availability even when one node is lost. Competitive solutions generally require the deployment of four nodes per cluster to achieve this. With StorMagic SvSAN, it requires only three.

Join Mark Christie, Director of Technical Services, StorMagic, on December 18th at 11am EST/4pm GMT as he walks you through how a three node SvSAN cluster is protected against planned and unplanned server failure and maintenance. Mark will detail why SvSAN provides highly available shared storage on three nodes when other solutions cannot, including:

  • How SvSAN’s witness provides quorum for all three nodes
  • How VMs and storage are migrated between nodes in the event of a failure or maintenance

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