The value of a video is unknown until it is needed, and when it is needed it is valuable

You can record 24x7x365, capture everything, and retain it all with the cost-effective storage architecture of ARQvault VMS

Store video for as long as you want

  • Automated tiering lets you securely store video forever (if you want to).
  • ARQvault VMS creates low-resolution versions (proxies) of high-res video that take ~5% of the original file’s space while retaining fully intact high-resolution originals.
  • Low-res proxies provide faster search and smoother playback without straining the network and have great clarity which can be used to identify segments of video for export.
  • Policies determine what video gets moved to lower cost storage tiers and when.
  • Videos moved to optical or tape are not “archived and forgotten” – they remain an active part of the repository and can be retrieved when needed exactly as any other video on disk.

Configure the low-res proxy video options. You can adjust these settings to have a higher or lower resolution companion video to go with the original high-res recorded video. The low-res proxy is used for search and playback in ARQvault VMS, making it much quicker to retrieve video for playback.

VMS Management Low Res Proxy Options
VMS Management Improve Performance

Improve performance and reduce costs

  • Retrieval times and network performance are improved with low-res proxy use
  • Save up to 50% on storage costs by moving video to less expensive tiers, such as tape or optical disk
  • Reduces operating costs through automated, policy-based tiering
  • Optimizes existing storage resources, such as under-utilized NAS, tape, etc.

Video is secure and available

  • Three levels of access security provided at the vault, storage, and video file levels.
  • Integrates with Active Directory or local authentication with a complete audit trail.
  • Ensures video remains unaltered using a digital fingerprint (SHA-256) and provides a full chain-of-custody history.
  • ARQvault VMS is a distributed architecture with no single point of failure.

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