2021 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Hyperconverged Infrastructure Software North America

StorMagic Recognized as a 2021 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Hyperconverged Infrastructure Software North America

The Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice Distinction Is Based on Feedback and Ratings from End-Users Who Have Purchased, Implemented and/or Used the Product or Service BRISTOL, England – 13 May, 2021 – StorMagic®, simplifying storage and security from the edge to the core, announced today that its SvSAN solution was named a Customers’ Choice in […]

ARQvault DEM infographic

Infographic: ARQvault Digital Evidence Management

Digital evidence management is one of StorMagic ARQvault’s solution areas. The digital evidence management infographic below provides an overview of ARQvault’s benefits for such a solution, where specific modules can be used to build the required configuration necessary for any organization requiring digital assets or evidence to be gathered, stored and retrieved at a later […]

Data Compliance Beginner Guide

Data Compliance – A Beginner’s Guide

Cybersecurity is a term used to describe the practice of defending networks, devices, applications, and data from unauthorized access and cyber threats. It consists of a variety of different technologies, tools, processes, and approaches, for ensuring data integrity, confidentiality, and availability.

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StorMagic Joins the Active Archive Alliance

Growing List of Companies Advance Game-Changing Archival Data Strategies for a Changing Business World BOULDER, Colo. – April 12, 2021 – The Active Archive Alliance announced today that StorMagic has joined the organization, which provides end-users with technical expertise and guidance to design and implement modern solutions for data growth challenges. StorMagic joins a growing […]

ARQvault video surveillance solution infographic

Infographic: ARQvault Video Surveillance Solutions

StorMagic ARQvault is the perfect answer for organizations looking to implement a video surveillance solution that simplifies the management and storage of video files, making it easy and fast to capture, store and find footage, regardless of where it’s stored and how old it might be. The ARQvault Video Surveillance infographic below provides an at-a-glance […]

SvSAN Infographic

Infographic: StorMagic SvSAN

SvSAN is the virtual SAN that makes the complex world of virtualized storage simple. Perfect for edge computing environments, the technology is based on software-defined storage that eliminates the need for physical SANs. SvSAN is designed to be very simple to install and manage whether deployed as part of a hyperconverged solution or as a […]

ARQvault infographic

Infographic: StorMagic ARQvault

StorMagic ARQvault is the first Active Intelligent Repository and its features and benefits are explained in our ARQvault infographic below. ARQvault software combines different and distributed storage resources into an integrated system shared across the network. Vaults consist of a server, storage, and ARQvault software. It enables organizations to save 50% by automatically moving data […]

ARQvault solution brief

ARQvault solution brief

This white paper explains how the adoption of key management that integrates with any environment is the lynchpin of proper data protection.