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ARIA Cybersecurity Strengthens Relationship with StorMagic to Address the Need for Secure, High-Performance Hardware Security Module (HSM)

The ARIA microHSM combined with StorMagic SvKMS provides the industry’s simplest to deploy HSM with low turn around latency and high availability at a low price point. Boston, MA – 21 January, 2021 – ARIA Cybersecurity Solutions, a CSPi business (NASDAQ: CSPi) that delivers a software-defined approach for improved cyber-attack incident response, today announced that […]


StorMagic Named a Leader in First GigaOm Radar Report for Hyperconverged Infrastructure

SvSAN’s Simplicity, Security and Cloud Features Improve Customer Experience BRISTOL, England – 14 January, 2021 – StorMagic®, simplifying storage and security from the edge to the core, announced today that it earned a top position in the “GigaOm Radar Report for Hyperconverged Infrastructure: Small-to-Medium Enterprises and Edge”, which published today. After evaluating 13 hyperconverged infrastructure […]

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Infographic: StorMagic Hits the Target as a Leader at the Edge

The 2021 GigaOm Radar Report for Hyperconverged Infrastructure: Small-to-Medium Enterprises and Edge names StorMagic SvSAN as a leader and the highest value solution among 12 other HCI vendors. Our focus has consistently been on edge and small datacenter customers, and providing them with a solution designed specifically for their use case. This philosophy has been […]

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KMIP – A Beginner’s Guide

The Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) is a universal language for secure data management across platforms. It was developed by the Organization for Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS), with the purpose of enabling communication between key management systems and cryptographically-enabled applications.


StorMagic Positioned as Niche Player in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Hyperconverged Infrastructure Software

StorMagic Places in Annual Gartner Report, Evaluating Completeness of Vision and Ability to Execute BRISTOL, England – 10 December, 2020 – StorMagic®, simplifying storage and security from the edge to the core, announced today it has been positioned by Gartner in the Niche Players quadrant of the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Hyperconverged Infrastructure Software.1 […]

Cyber Resilience Beginners Guide featured

Cyber Resilience – A Beginner’s Guide

While cyber security is incredibly important, organizations are beginning to realize that they need to take their data protection strategies a step further. The term “cyber resilience” is becoming more prevalent, as a means of describing an organization’s ability to continue operating and to uphold the integrity of their data, even in the event of a breach.

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StorMagic Expands HPE Partnership through Edgeline System Validation with SvSAN

Hyperconverged Edge Solution Delivers 100 Percent Uptime for Demanding Edge Environments BRISTOL, England – 17 November, 2020 – StorMagic®, simplifying storage and security from the edge to the core, announced today that StorMagic SvSAN has been validated with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Edgeline Converged Edge Systems. The joint edge hyperconverged (HCI) solution meets all of […]

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Infographic: StorMagic SvSAN with HPE Servers and Systems

StorMagic SvSAN is a software-defined virtual SAN that is hardware agnostic – it can be installed on any x86 server. On top of this exceptional flexibility, StorMagic has developed partnerships with leading server vendors, including HPE, to provide end users and partners with simple, easy to obtain solutions that bundle hardware and software together. This […]


StorMagic Enhances Security for Cloud Deployments through new SvKMS Integrations

Customers Can Create and Manage Encryption Keys for Multi-Cloud Environments with AWS, Google, Microsoft and Salesforce BRISTOL, England – 10 November, 2020 – StorMagic®, simplifying storage and security from the edge to the core, announced that it has released its latest version of SvKMS to include new encryption key management integrations for both onsite and […]

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Infographic: New Integrations Available With SvKMS 2.5

With the launch of the latest version of StorMagic SvKMS, this SvKMS 2.5 infographic accompanies the release with all of the key information on what’s new. SvKMS 2.5 introduces a number of new integrations, allowing organizations even greater security of their cloud applications and data. Google Cloud EKM, Azure Key Vault Managed HSM, Salesforce Shield […]


StorMagic CTO Joins Forbes Technology Council

Forbes Technology Council Is an Invitation-Only Community for World-Class CIOs, CTOs and Technology Executives. BRISTOL, England – 14 October, 2020 – StorMagic®, simplifying storage and security from the edge to the core, has been accepted into Forbes Technology Council, an invitation-only community for world-class CIOs, CTOs, and technology executives. StorMagic CTO Jeff MacMillan was vetted […]

Support Engineer

StorMagic is looking for a skilled, highly motivated individual to join our expanding team. Working in the Technical Services department you will be joining our experienced team, responsible for delivering post-sales support, technical guidance, and overall excellent customer service. This is a key role in providing hands-on assistance to StorMagic channel partners and end-user customers […]


StorMagic Completes 14 Strategic Integrations to Add Further Flexibility to SvKMS Encryption Key Management

Backup, Database, IaaS and Storage Integrations with AWS, Azure, Google, Commvault IBM and Veritas Unlock Powerful Data Protection for StorMagic Customers BRISTOL, England – 02 October, 2020 – StorMagic®, simplifying storage and security from the edge to the core, is announcing the completion of testing and integration with several partners to enhance its SvKMS encryption […]

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Encryption – A Beginner’s Guide

Encryption is the process of protecting data by changing it from a readable form to an unreadable form. It uses complex algorithms to “scramble” and therefore protect data – as it’s unreadable and can’t be accessed.

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Schneider Electric, StorMagic and Hewlett Packard Enterprise Launch Collaborative ‘Edge in a Box’ Solution in 6U Wall Mount EcoStruxure Micro Data Center

Joint offer enables IT Professionals to overcome challenges associated with distributed environments Simple, cost-effective and lean solution delivers any edge or small datacenter location ‘Edge in a Box’ is available globally to end-users via IT Solution Providers and the channel LONDON, England – 28 September, 2020 – Schneider Electric, the leader in digital transformation of […]

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Infographic: The ‘Edge in a Box’ by StorMagic, Schneider Electric and HPE

StorMagic, Schneider Electric and HPE have come together to offer the ‘Edge in a Box’ – a complete, highly available appliance for organizations to deploy at edge computing locations. This ‘Edge in a Box’ infographic highlights the main benefits of the solution and its constituent parts. Edge computing environments are typified by a lack of […]

Senior Full Stack Developer

StorMagic is looking for a skilled, technically experienced, self-starting individual to join us as a key member of our engineering team. Working in the Development department, you will be joining an experienced team, specifically responsible for our SvKMS product. This is a key role in the business developing SvKMS, an innovative enterprise Encryption Key Management […]

Virtualized Storage Beginners Guide featured

Virtualized Storage – A Beginner’s Guide

Virtualized storage, or storage virtualization, is a technological concept developed within the past few decades. It enables organizations to remove the traditional boundaries of physical storage devices, by abstracting the disks and drives, and presenting them as a single, centralized pool of storage capacity.

Virtual SAN Beginners Guide featured

Virtual SAN – A Beginner’s Guide

A virtual storage area network (SAN) is a software-based component that provides a virtualized ‘pool’ of storage to multiple virtual machines (VMs) and applications. In order to achieve this, data is passed (shared) between servers over a network using a protocol such as iSCSI or fibre channel.

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Infographic: Gartner Voice of the Customer 2020

StorMagic was included in the 2020 edition of Gartner’s Peer Insights Voice of the Customer report for hyperconverged infrastructure vendors. We’ve put together this Voice of the Customer infographic to highlight some of the key findings in the report, that demonstrate what StorMagic users think about SvSAN – our virtual SAN that delivers highly available […]

software RAID

Hardware vs. Software RAID: How to Make a Wise Choice

Rapid developments in digital and mobile technologies are making edge computing more prevalent and critical to the success of businesses across a wide range of industries. Organizations that are implementing edge computing technology are commonly faced with deciding which is better suited for their environment – hardware or software RAID. But how do you know […]

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StorMagic Introduces Witness as a Service for Two-Server Edge Sites

Cloud Offering Designed for the Edge Ensures 100 Percent Uptime and Reduces Costs by 33 Percent BRISTOL, England – 19 August, 2020 – StorMagic®, simplifying storage and security from the edge to the core, announced that its new Witness as a Service (WaaS) offering is now available through StorMagic Cloud Services. WaaS delivers 100 percent […]


StorMagic Introduces Key Management as a Service for any Encryption Workload

StorMagic’s First Cloud Services Offering lets Customers Deploy Enterprise-wide Key Management in Less Than Five Minutes BRISTOL, England – 22 July, 2020 – StorMagic®, simplifying storage and security from the edge to the core, announced its first cloud services offering, Key Management as a Service (KMaaS), which is designed to address potential security concerns by […]

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SvSAN Witness Data Sheet

StorMagic SvSAN Witness Click here to download this data sheet in PDF format. Many companies nowadays are heavily dependent on IT for everyday operations, and as such, the availability and uptime of these systems is critically important. Loss of service equates to loss of productivity which, depending on the severity, can have a huge impact […]

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StorMagic KMaaS Data Sheet

StorMagic Key Management-as-a-Service (KMaaS) Click here to download this data sheet in PDF format. StorMagic KMaaS is a cloud-based encryption key management service that delivers painless security for any encryption workload. It allows businesses of all sizes to centrally store, manage, and consolidate key management functions across on-premise, private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud, SaaS, […]

KMaaS cloud security key management

Infographic: Key Management-as-a-Service

StorMagic KMaaS (Key Management-as-a-Service) is a cloud-based key management offering that enables painless security for any encryption workload. It allows organizations to migrate their key management infrastructure into the cloud, eliminating any physical hardware needed to run the solution. StorMagic KMaaS ensures an organization can keep all keys secure and accessible within the cloud, regardless […]

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High Availability – A Beginner’s Guide

High Availability (HA) describes a system that can sustain long periods of continuous operation, and remain operational, even if a part of the system is no longer in service. Decreased downtime, the elimination of single points of failure, and replication and distribution of data across multiple locations, are all contributing factors that come together to create a high availability infrastructure.

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Infographic: StorMagic MSP Program

StorMagic’s MSP Program addresses the pain points faced by service providers when offering a key management service to their customers. The MSP Program allows StorMagic SvKMS encryption key management to be integrated into an MSP’s suite of services, delivering differentiated data security through a unique high margin offering. Find out more about the key benefits […]


StorMagic Introduces New MSP Program to Enable Partners to Build and Deliver Differentiated Data Security Solutions

Managed Service Providers Unlock Revenue Opportunities Through the Only Key Management Service that Supports Any Encryption Use Case BRISTOL, England – 9 June, 2020 – StorMagic®, simplifying storage and security from the edge to the core, announced the launch of its new MSP (managed service provider) program that enables MSPs to integrate StorMagic SvKMS into […]

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StorMagic SvKMS MSP Data Sheet

Encryption Key Management for MSPs Click here to download this data sheet in PDF format. The Growing Demand for Encryption  Organizations around the world are realizing the criticality of protecting and securing their data, and are investing in cybersecurity infrastructure to keep their businesses and customers safe.  In the last decade, encryption use in organizations […]