Infographic: Top Tips for a Highly Available SvSAN Configuration

Many companies are now completely reliant on IT for everyday operations, and as such the availability and uptime of these systems is critically important. Loss of service equates to loss of productivity which, depending on the severity, can have a potentially huge impact for an organization. This is important as the idea of the datacenter […]


SvSAN as a Multi-node Cluster

StorMagic SvSAN is a virtual storage appliance (VSA) that provides a lightweight, highly available shared storage solution, with no single points of failure. It is typically deployed on to two servers and performs synchronous mirroring between the servers. Although 2-node clusters deployments are the most common use case for SvSAN, it is possible to scale-out […]


Making the Complex Simple

When StorMagic first entered the scene, if you wanted shareable storage then you needed to invest in expensive, complex external SANs or NAS technology, and pay staff that could manage it. This is why the very ethos of StorMagic is about making the complex simple, and making shared storage accessible to more organizations. From the […]


Storage engineered by Storage Engineers

A lot of ‘on premise’ storage has been developed based on the needs of the datacenter, a complete solution that combines hardware and software. Gartner predicts that by 2022, 75% of all data will be generated outside of the traditional datacenter. This suggests a shift towards processing data at the edge, which is something that […]


StorMagic at VMworld Europe 2018

VMworld Europe: ‘Possibility begins with you’ Last week, the StorMagic team joined a few hundred other exhibitors and 13,000 attendees at VMworld Europe in Barcelona . Thank you to everyone who came to see us in booth E423. It was a great event and we enjoyed speaking to hundreds of attendees about how we simplify […]


Case Study: GRG Public Resources Ltd. Eliminates Downtime Risk with SvSAN

Case Study: GRG Public Resources Ltd. Eliminates Downtime Risk with SvSAN Stafford, UK-based GRG Public Resources Ltd. recently refreshed its environment and has dramatically improved data availability—by 100 percent —with StorMagic SvSAN, the software-defined storage solution designed for edge environments. GRG PRL works with police forces and fire services across the UK providing 24-hour, year-round […]


Data Encryption Failure Scenarios

How does SvSAN’s data encryption feature handle various failure scenarios? Data encryption was launched as an add-on feature in SvSAN 6.2. Data encryption is a highly effective and (in this case) low cost method of protecting data, which makes it perfect for edge environments. What makes SvSAN with Data Encryption different from other solutions is […]


Is Apple bringing GDPR to the US?

Is Apple bringing GDPR to the US? Not so long ago, Apple CEO, Tim Cook condemned the ‘weaponization’ of private data and called for the U.S. to adopt privacy laws similar to the EU’s GDPR. This would mean that any organization that trades with or sells to the US or any European country could face […]


Kornfeld captivates Canada

Kornfeld captivates Canada Last week, StorMagic CMO, Bruce Kornfeld was invited by Cisco to exhibit as part of the Cisco Pavilion at Cisco Connect in Toronto. The one day event saw over 2,800 attendees, many of whom were delighted to hear about how StorMagic SvSAN is a great compliment to Cisco’s Hyperflex HCI solution. Speaking […]


Hans at Storage Visions

This week Hans O’Sullivan, StorMagic CEO, was at Storage Visions 2018 in California. Hans was presenting at the event, on ‘Why Edge is Thriving in the Datacenter Apocalypse’ as part of a five-person panel on how edge technology can aid the future of storage. For those of you that weren’t in California for the event, […]


Best Practices for Achieving High Availability

Best Practices for Achieving High Availability For most organizations, high availability is a key objective with the goal being as close to 100% uptime as possible. SvSAN is the perfect way to ensure high availability between 2 or more servers and help organizations achieve this, with a variety of deployment options available. We’ve put together […]


Find us in Booth E423 at VMworld Europe

Are you going to VMworld Europe, in Barcelona? If so, then make sure you keep an eye out for your favorite virtual SAN providers, decked out in very fetching bright yellow polo shirts. We’ll be in booth E423, so pop by and see us! Here’s just a few of the things that we’ll be up […]


Can Your Witness Do This?

Can Your Witness Do This? The majority of edge sites require high availability as a priority. When you don’t have a team on site to respond to unplanned downtime quickly, you’re leaving yourself open and disaster could strike at any time. In these cases, it is sensible to design your storage infrastructure with sufficient redundancy […]


StorMagic at IP Expo 2018

IP EXPO Europe: “Europe’s #1 Enterprise IT Event” Last week, Europe’s leading trade event for IT innovation came to the ExCeL in London. Thank you to everyone who came to see us in booth HH24. It was a great event and we enjoyed speaking to hundreds of attendees about how we simplify storage at the […]


Launching the Customer Reference Program

We’re delighted to announce the launch of the StorMagic Customer Reference Program, which went live last week. The program gives StorMagic customers the exclusive opportunity to share their experience in deploying and running SvSAN publically and with other StorMagic customers. To join, all customers need to do is fill out a short questionnaire outlining their […]


Deploying Stretch Clusters to Increase Resiliency

You may have seen our blog from a couple of weeks ago on the importance of creating a highly available environment, to avoid downtime when faced with hurricanes and large-scale natural disasters. However, the majority of physical disruption and disasters that organizations face are localized to a single, specific site. Minimizing or eliminating localized outages […]


QUIZ: Are you an Edge Site?

We recently ran a blog which defined what the edge was and described different environments which could benefit from edge technology. However, we realized that many people aren’t sure if their environment qualifies as ‘edge’, so we’ve made you a handy quiz to help clear up the confusion. Simply run through the questions below to […]


TruthInIT Interview Hans O’Sullivan

Last week Hans O’Sullivan, StorMagic CEO and a pioneer of the software defined storage industry, was interviewed by industry analyst Mike Matchett and it’s now available from TruthInIT. In this video interview, Hans and Mike discuss problems facing edge and SME datacenters, including lack of IT resources, real-time application performance needs and cost constraints. Hans […]


StorMagic DACH: News and Partner Announcement

By Thorsten Schäfer, DACH Sales Manager Having joined the StorMagic DACH team earlier this year, I have been blown away by what we have achieved in a short space of time. We have had a fantastic year that has seen us take on Tobias Pföhler as a partner manager, to oversee partner engagement and enablement. […]


The New Cisco C4200 Servers and SvSAN

For anyone who may have missed the news, in May Cisco announced the new C4200 Multinode Chassis and C125 M5 server, joining the existing products in the UCS C-Series range. Boasting 128% more core density, 33% more memory and memory bandwidth, and twice the server density of rack servers the new servers take high-intensity compute […]


Find us on booth #HH24 at IP Expo

Are you going to IP Expo, at the ExCeL in London? If so, then make sure you keep an eye out for your favorite virtual SAN providers, decked out in very fetching bright yellow polo shirts. We’ll be on booth #HH24, so pop by and see us! Here’s just a few of the things that […]


Could SvSAN save you from disaster?

Storm season is upon us. Hurricanes cause around $400 mil in damage and kill around 70 people on average, in the United States, every year. Thousands of businesses are affected, with many experiencing downtime and power outages that lasts days and weeks, and some SMEs are taking years to get back on track – many […]


This is the Storage Your Boss Wants to Hear About

Is your boss a little out of date on current technology? Do they absolutely hate spending money on storage and then expect a flawless solution that experiences no unplanned downtime? Does your boss still think a monolithic physical SAN is the pinnacle/cutting edge of storage in 2018? Then it’s time to introduce them to StorMagic. […]


StorMagic at VMworld US

Thank you to everyone who came to see us at VMworld US in Las Vegas. It was an amazing event and we spoke to a record number of attendees about how we simplify storage at the edge. Congratulations to our three drone winners, thank you for stopping by. We enjoyed many promising conversations with potential […]


Analysis: The Future of the Data Center

The traditional data center as we know it is changing. In order for IT team to continue to deliver the best solutions, they must understand business needs. However, businesses are becoming more agile, geographically far reaching, and advances in technology are creating more pressure to come up with IT solutions that fit budgets and time […]


Webinar: Connecting the Citrix Cloud to a Hyperconverged Edge

Make a note in your calendar now for the StorMagic and Citrix joint technical webinar on Wednesday, September 5, at 9am PDT. Citrix and StorMagic have been collaborating to develop an effective solution for small and medium-sized businesses and edge computing environments. We’re hosting a technical focused joint webinar, during which we’ll talk about simplifying […]


Amsterdam Airport “Flies” for 6 Consecutive Years with SvSAN

StorMagic recently announced a customer success with one of the globe’s most well-known airports: Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Using SvSAN, the airport has achieved six years of continuous uptime and counting, which exceeds its 99.8 percent uptime SLA. Schiphol integrated Dell PowerEdge R520 servers with a VMWare vSphere 5.5 hypervisor and StorMagic SvSAN software to manage […]


The Results are in: VMware Expert Tests SvSAN

By: Mark Christie and Kevin Mooney Enterprise IT community Gestalt IT recently conducted an independent product review of StorMagic SvSAN 6.2 with Fornetix Key Orchestration. Lab reviewer Paul Woodward Jr., a VMware expert and systems engineer, thoroughly tested the solution, including its primary enhancement, data-at-rest encryption. The review is an unbiased look at SvSAN, and […]


SvSAN: What Would a Systems Engineer Say?

Marketing is taking a break today. Paul Woodward is a systems engineer and well-known blogger who agreed to do an independent review of SvSAN 6.2 with Data Encryption. So we gave him a free trial of our product, access to documentation, and our support email account and away he went. You can read the full […]


Podcast: SvSAN – Edge Appliance for Citrix Cloud Services

Earlier in the week, StorMagic’s Partner Enablement Manager, Lee Bushen appeared on Citrix’s DABCC Radio podcast. The podcast is hosted by Douglas Brown, who has over 20 years of expertise in the IT industry, and is the #1 Citrix related podcast on iTunes. In the podcast, Lee, and Citrix’s Chris Edwards, discuss SvSAN as an […]

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Every Cloud Has a Silver Edge

I don’t know about you, but we keep getting caught up in exciting news stories, with bold headlines that read ‘The Cloud is Dead, the Edge is Taking Over’. Awesome! StorMagic replaces everyone’s cloud storage with edge storage, we all become millionaires and retire at 40. In reality, there is no big face off between […]


Unlocking Renewable Energy at the Edge

Renewable energy sources are our future. The industry is growing at a rapid pace, with an 8.3% increase in global renewable capacity in 2017 alone (IRENA, 2018). Renewable capacity is expected to increase by a further 43% by 2022 (IEA, 2017), a figure that has potential to be much higher, should renewable energy companies harness […]


Find us on booth #2302 at VMworld

Are you going to VMworld US, in Vegas, at the end of August? If so, then make sure you keep and eye out for your favorite virtual SAN providers, decked out in very fetching bright yellow polo shirts. We’ll be on booth #2302, so pop by and see us! Here’s just a few of the […]


Are You Edge?

Edge computing is one of the biggest data trends of the decade. Huge companies are adopting the technology and more branch sites than ever are recording and storing data. But what does edge mean? It feels like the definition keeps on changing, and the concept is as mysterious as bitcoin, Facebook’s privacy policy, and the […]


Try Before you Buy: Encrypting at the Edge

Soon after the GDPR compliance deadline passed, we hosted a joint webcast on the state of industry to explore how the game has changed. Titled “Encryption’s Evolution in Today’s GDPR Compliant World”, attendees learned how GDPR is impacting the encryption landscape at the edge, along with customer examples and tips for implementing data-at-rest encryption with […]


Could the key to developing smart cities lie at the edge?

In an effort to find a sustainable way of living, more and more is being invested into developing smart cities, which will harness the power of the cloud and the edge. Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT) and edge computing projects are being adopted to power autonomous vehicle systems, and the technology is […]


Leveraging the Internet of Things? The cloud is not your holy grail

Even if you have rudimentary estimating capabilities and you spend a little time doing back of the napkin calculations, you’ll quickly figure out that the notion that “all data is going to the cloud” is patently absurd. In the world of the industrial Internet of Things (IoT), data is collected “in the field.” And in […]


Is your edge site a cybersecurity weakpoint?

What do you picture when you think of cyber crime? Gangs stealing credit card details? Computer whizzes hacking organizations and stealing data? Physical cyber-security attacks are probably not the first thing that come to mind. However, we are living in a time where demand for computing power is at an all time high and there […]

Using a virtual SAN in Formula 1

Using a virtual SAN in Formula 1 – new competitive advantages

Formula 1 auto racing relies on gifted drivers in peak physical condition, paired with extremely advanced technology. In a sport where every hundredth of a second counts, decisions such as when to pit the car are crucial and require very fast decision-making and data processing. Can that capability be delivered by using a virtual SAN […]


An Amazing Week at Cisco Live

We’ve just got back from an outstanding week at Cisco Live. We were there to talk about: The general release of SvSAN 6.2 (with Data Encryption), our first edge appliance – designed to seamlessly support Citrix cloud services – and how SvSAN can be adopted with Cisco’s UCS servers to create a cost-effective, simple, highly […]


Upcoming Webcast: The Post-GDPR Impact on Edge-based Encryption

On June 22, Fornetix and StorMagic will team up to discuss the current state of the encryption landscape now that GDPR is officially in place. With the long-awaited compliance deadline now in the rearview mirror, how are end users coping with the challenges that come along with change? The recent spike in encryption adoption at […]


Global Trends in Data Security: Threats and the Rise of Encryption

Thales, one of the leading providers of data security solutions has recently released their annual Data Threat Report for 2018. This report analyzes data from 1,200 senior security managers from 11 countries from around the globe, including the US, Germany, UK, the Netherlands, Japan, India, and Sweden. The report shows that spending on IT security […]


Where Could the Edge Take Us Next?

Edge computing allows us to process data in remote areas that often suffer from low connectivity. This opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for recording and processing data, which has seen an increase in the adoption of edge computing into major technological development. Here are just three cool examples from this week…   […]


Cisco Live: Sneak Peaks and Giveaways

Cisco Live US, Orlando, Florida is mere days away and the team is very excited: meetings are being booked, everyone has been given their own bright yellow StorMagic polo shirts, and months of planning have all come together. There’s going to be a lot going on at the event, so to make sure that you […]


SvSAN Overview Part Three: Deployment Methods

Welcome to the final installment of a three part blog, providing a technical overview of StorMagic SvSAN. Part one of the blog provided a brief overview of SvSAN and outlined how you can decide whether hyperconverged infrastructure or server SAN is right for you. The second part explored SvSAN in more depth, and this part […]

simple storage complex business

Simple Storage for Complex Companies

Storage can quickly become complicated as businesses branch out Large organizations know more than most about how difficult it can be to ensure continuity of business operations. Maintaining business up time across multiple branch offices is a big challenge, even for the most experienced of IT administration teams. ‘Inevitability’ is an IT administrator’s sworn enemy. […]


SvSAN Overview Part Two: SvSAN Summary

Welcome to part two of a three part blog, which aims to provide a technical overview of StorMagic SvSAN. Part one of the blog provided a brief overview of SvSAN and outlined how you can decide whether hyperconverged infrastructure or server SAN is right for you. This part will explore SvSAN in more depth, and […]

Downtime Tech Tip

Remote Office Tech Tip: The Impact Of Downtime

Are you prepared for your next IT disaster? Industry averages are of no comfort when your critical applications go down. Downtime is no joke – costing your organization money, productivity, business and potentially customers. Achieving high availability for your applications is critical to highly competitive organizations that undertake manufacturing automation, real-time analytics, and supply chain […]


Hyperconverged vs server SAN – SvSAN Overview Part One

Welcome to part one of a three part blog, which aims to provide a technical overview of StorMagic SvSAN. Part one of the blog will provide a brief overview of SvSAN and outline how you can decide whether hyperconverged infrastructure or server SAN is right for you, part two will explore SvSAN in more depth, […]


GDPR Final Countdown: Are You Encrypting Yet?

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is dominating headlines along with messages around severe fines and penalties for not meeting compliance. Is your organization prepared? If you haven’t put systems in place to protect your stored data then you are cutting it very tight, but StorMagic is here to help. The most common question […]


Performing for Performance

Virtualization is driving itself toward replacing onsite hardware and running from the “cloud”. This is something that we believe is very achievable, but there is one comment or concern I hear often: “But it wouldn’t be able to compete against physical hardware” Physical Storage performance is dependent on the hardware, just as virtual storage solutions […]


An Amazing Week at Citrix Synergy

We’re making our way back from an outstanding week at Citrix Synergy. Thank you to everyone who came to see us at the booth. You may have seen that we announced some very important news at the event:  StorMagic has teamed up with Cisco and Citrix to launch the first edge appliance designed specifically for […]

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Connecting the Edge to the Citrix Cloud

At the start of the week we announced the general availability of StorMagic’s direct connectivity to Citrix Cloud, and the first edge appliance designed specifically for Citrix Workspace Services. The solution combines Cisco infrastructure with Citrix technology, delivering a compelling hybrid cloud solution available globally. StorMagic has enabled direct connection between Citrix Cloud and any […]


Cryptsoft to deliver KMIP technologies within SvSAN

SvSAN with Data Encryption brings FIPS 140-2 compliant encryption to the edge, for 85% less than competitors. But, we don’t do it all ourselves and we partner with some of the world’s leaders in the security space. On the key management side, we’ve already announced that we are working with Key Management System (KMS) suppliers […]


Citrix Synergy Exclusive Show Preview with VMBlog

We’ve got big things planned for this year’s Citrix Synergy, so big that we’ve decided to upgrade our stand – we can now be found on booth #503 – to accommodate the launch. We ran an exclusive Q & A session with VMBlog, to give Citrix Synergy visitors a hint at what we’re bringing to […]


Hardware DOESN’T Matter at the Edge

Hardware vendors will promote the message that hardware is a crucial element of any hyperconverged infrastructure solution.  They’d be right, to a degree, that the solution is advanced software running on hardware, therefore dependent on that hardware. However StorMagic SvSAN is focused at edge environments, where hardware flexibility helps keep costs down while still delivering […]


RSA Conference 2018 Recap

StorMagic at RSA Conference A huge thank you to everyone who came to see us in Fornetix’s booth at RSA last week in San Francisco. We had such a great time, the Fornetix team did a brilliant job, and our CMO, Bruce Kornfeld really enjoyed speaking to visitors about data security at the edge during […]


Lending a Hans at the Home Depot Charity Event

Last week StorMagic CEO, Hans O’Sullivan, travelled to New Orleans to join The Home Depot team for a charity event. , They worked with Rebuilding Together New Orleans and The Green Project to rebuild the homes of two veterans, which were damaged by Hurricane Katrina. The veterans, Charles Heisser and Henry Martin, had been living […]