Remote OFfice Tech Tip Cloud

Remote Office Tech Tip: When to Avoid the Cloud

Cloud-mania has gripped the minds of many IT professionals in recent years, promising advantages over traditional computing such as simplified disaster recovery, rapid scalability and lower capital expenditure costs. However, many CIO’s will tell you that moving all applications to the Cloud is unrealistic – and potentially dangerous when it comes to organizations that handle […]

Citrix Summit 2018

Meet the StorMagic team at Citrix Summit 2018!

Meet the StorMagic team at Citrix Summit 2018! StorMagic are heading to Anaheim, CA in January to attend Citrix Summit 2018! Come and say ‘hi’ to the team and learn about SvSAN at booth #606 in Hall C. We’ll be exhibiting in the Solutions Expo on Monday January 8 and Tuesday January 9. Throughout the […]

Understanding Storage Performance for HCI Webinar

Understanding Storage Performance for HCI Webinar

Click here to access the webinar recording Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) is becoming all the rage, but without a clear idea of requirements it is easy to over-provision – resulting in unnecessary expenditure and over-the-odds maintenance costs. Equally, an under-provisioned solution can lead to premature upgrades in the future and even unwanted downtime. If you’re ready […]

Storage Virtualization: Performance And Capacity Challenges Are Widespread

Storage Virtualization: Tackling Performance and Capacity Challenges

While the data storage demands of organizations have increased, many companies’ IT budgets have shrunk. Organizations are seeking to re-evaluate costly and complex traditional storage models, in favour of adopting software-defined storage and hyperconverged solutions. The sometimes ambiguous use of these terms to describe a variety of different storage virtualization based solutions means challenges of […]

Performing for Performance

Performing for Performance

Virtualization is driving itself toward replacing onsite hardware and running from the “cloud”. This is something that I believe is very achievable in the not so distant future, but there is one comment or concern I hear often: “But it wouldn’t be able to compete against physical hardware” Physical Storage performance is dependent on the […]

December Theme Preview

December Theme Preview

Throughout November we focused on HCI deployment – diving into topics such as the pros and cons of ‘build your own’ HCI solutions, and comparing BYO HCI solutions with pre-configured appliances. If you missed out and would like to learn more about this topic, you can browse our full article archive by clicking here. This […]

Black Friday SvSAN

Make Every Day a Black Friday with SvSAN

Make Every Day a Black Friday with SvSAN Black Friday is upon us and while many companies are helping you save money for one day only, here at StorMagic we have a clear message: Make every day a Black Friday for your storage by choosing StorMagic SvSAN! Underpinned by simplicity, cost-effectiveness and flexibility, StorMagic SvSAN […]

Busting All-Flash and HCI Myths

Busting 10 All-Flash and HCI Myths

This article continues on from our previous post: Have you developed ‘must have all-flash’ or ‘shiny new HCI toy’ syndrome? John Glendenning examines (and busts) 10 myths relating to all-flash and HCI solutions. Carrying on from my previous article addressing many IT professionals’ fixation with all-flash and HCI, I’d like to engage in a spot […]

Remote Office Tech Tips

Don’t miss our Remote Office Tech Tips YouTube series

Deploying and optimizing storage across remote sites can be an expensive and time-consuming undertaking for businesses of any size. Click here to access our full Remote Office Tech Tips series! While it may be tempting to cut corners, this can result in costly downtime, overall performance loss and premature upgrades in the future. For businesses […]


New Case Study: The Maho Group

Based on the picturesque Caribbean island of Sint Maarten, The Maho Group has been an established name in the region’s leisure, real estate, gaming and resort industries for over 35 years. The group’s property portfolio includes a number of locations across a range of Caribbean hot spots, as well as resorts at Maho Beach and […]

Solihull VMUG UserCon

Meet StorMagic at the Solihull VMUG UserCon

Head over to booth 13 at the Solihull VMUG UserCon to meet the StorMagic team! StorMagic are proud to announce that our team is heading to Solihull this week to attend the upcoming UK VMUG UserCon. If you’re heading to the UserCon on Thursday 16th November, don’t forget to head over to booth 13 to […]


SvSAN White Paper Spotlight

Our SvSAN white paper has been updated! Implementing effective edge computing solutions can be challenging. Elevated hardware costs and additional maintenance/deployment challenges mean that expanding your operation can quickly become a headache-inducing experience. StorMagic SvSAN makes virtual SANs simple for edge computing: eliminating the need for expensive and high-maintenance physical SANs and simplifying your edge […]

Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Is Your Business Ready For Hyperconverged Infrastructure?

Are you looking for hyperconverged infrastructure? Maybe. I suspect that few of you are actually sending out a request for proposal (RFP) for hyperconverged infrastructure. That’s not how, in my experience, most of you who are IT professionals think about solutions. What you do think about is the fact that you have a budget that […]

The Top 3 Misplaced Concerns in Deploying HCI

What’s Stopping You? The Top 3 Misplaced Concerns in Deploying HCI

Where scalability and ease of deployment are key requirements of storage infrastructure for most distributed organizations, hyper-converged infrastructure models are enjoying a lot of attention from technology evaluators. Research from the likes of ESG and TechTarget’s Storage Market Landscape Study concur that adoption of these integrated computing platforms (ICP) is already high and that a […]


Meet the StorMagic team at the Silicon Valley VMUG UserCon

The Silicon Valley VMUG UserCon is about to begin! StorMagic is proud that announce that we will be sending a team to attend the Silicon Valley VMUG UserCon on Wednesday November 8! Head over to booth 23 at the Doubltree by Hilton San Jose, to meet the StorMagic team and find out how your business […]


Hyperconvergence: How distributed enterprises can benefit from the SDS approach

Why are organizations choosing hyperconverged infrastructure? For SMEs and distributed enterprises, a hyperconverged infrastructure is an attractive proposition in combining compute, storage, networking and virtualization into something that can be scaled out easily and meet the demands of applications across a variety of sectors. A key component within any appropriate hyper-converged proposition is ‘virtualization’, removing the need […]

build your own HCI

Why Build Your Own Hyperconverged Infrastructure Solution?

Hyperconverged Infrastructures (HCI) are a hot topic, it seems that every server vendor in the IT industry is talking about them and have an offering or play in the space. But, what exactly are hyperconverged infrastructures? Simply put, hyper-converged infrastructures are solutions that combine compute, storage, networking and virtualization into a single platform. As with […]


New White Paper: BYO vs. Appliance – A Comparison of HCI Deployment

New white paper – available to download now! In line with our November theme (hyperconverged infrastructure deployment), we’re proud to announce the release of our latest white paper: “Build Your Own vs. Appliance – A Comparison of HCI Deployment”. This white paper is ideal for those who are interested in deploying hyperconverged infrastructure and want […]

November Theme Preview

November Theme Preview: Hyperconverged Infrastructure Deployment

November is upon us, and so is the latest StorMagic monthly theme: Hyperconverged Infrastructure Deployment! Over the coming weeks, we’ll be posting new content on relating to hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) and how it can help your business by supercharging your storage – regardless of the size of your business or number of branches. HCI […]

predictive storage caching

All-flash arrays, Storage Tiering and Storage Caching

IT shops are always on the lookout for ways to improve application performance without negatively impacting availability and adding cost or complexity. Of course, adding more servers to the environment could do the trick – but comes at a steep cost and in many cases, added complexity (more servers means more things to manage and […]

Ciscp Secure Ops

Case Study Spotlight: Cisco Secure Ops

High security that required high availability Cisco’s Secure Ops is a managed cybersecurity solution for Operational Technology networks. Before implementing SvSAN, their original architecture ran in their datacenter and was dependent on non-HA local storage – intended to minimize downtime and provide a good level of performance for their clients. When they revised the architecture […]


Replacing an Old SAN

Aging SANs put your business at risk Is your SAN getting old? Is the maintenance becoming increasingly expensive and time-consuming? Has it failed recently? Are you running out of much-needed capacity? If the answer to any of the above questions is ‘yes’, then perhaps you’re already looking into replacing your old SAN with a newer […]


Case Study Spotlight: ITsjefen AS

Mission: improve system performance ITsjefen AS is a hosting and managed services provider based in Tronheim, Norway. As part of their mission to offer impeccable highly available service to their customers, Solutions Architect Anders Kringstad realised that they needed to improve system performance. After reviewing the hyperconverged market – and deeming usual suspects unsuitable – […]

simple storage complex business

Simple Storage for Complex Companies

Storage can quickly become complicated as businesses branch out Large organizations know more than most about how difficult it can be to ensure continuity of business operations. Maintaining business up time across multiple branch offices is a big challenge, even for the most experienced of IT administration teams. ‘Inevitability’ is an IT administrator’s sworn enemy. […]

ANA Case Study

Check out our new Case Study: ANA Aeroportos

High-flying storage in Portugal’s top airports ANA Aeroportos manages 10 of Portugal’s biggest and busiest airports including the capital’s largest, Humberto Delgado Airport. As the airport authority for some of Europe’s most important transportation hubs, ANA needed a reliable and flexible solution that fit within their budget constraints. That’s where SvSAN came to the rescue […]

VMUG Boston 2017

VMUG Boston 2017: Meet the StorMagic team!

VMUG Boston is just around the corner! StorMagic is heading to Boston on October 19 for the latest iteration of the city’s VMware User Group meeting! Head over to booth 17 on Thursday to meet the StorMagic team and find out how you can harness the power of SvSAN to achieve your storage goals. Click […]

Closing the performance gap

Close the performance gap with Predictive Storage Caching

New white paper – available to download now! In the spirit of our October theme, we’re proud to announce the release of a brand new Predictive Storage Caching-related white paper: “Closing the Performance Gap – SvSAN Caching”. This white paper is the perfect introduction for those wanting to learn about the practical applications of Predictive […]

If it's not broke don't fix it

If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It

“If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It” My old man used to drill this statement into me like a copper screw, living firmly by the timeless adage of “if you mess with it, you’re going to break it”. For the most part he was right – everything I played with as a kid often ended […]

iot edge computing

Welcome to the Edge: the Need for IoT Edge Computing

IoT is on the Rise… The Internet of Things (IoT) is a hot topic right now, experiencing dramatic growth, driven by the increased use of connected devices, or endpoints. These devices vary from sensors, actuators, and valves in factories, to home automation control systems (Nest, Apple HomeKit, Philips Hue), to wearable fitness trackers (Fitbit, Garmin), […]


IP EXPO Europe 2017 Round-Up

IP EXPO Europe: “Europe’s #1 Enterprise IT Event” For 2 days last week, ExCeL London was transformed into a veritable tech oasis. Showcasing everything from cutting-edge new software (which naturally included SvSAN) to TV’s very own Brian Cox, IP EXPO Europe provided something for everyone – and no one left the event feeling disappointed. The […]


October Webinar: A New Alternative to All-Flash Arrays

Looking for an alternative to expensive all-flash arrays? Throughout October, StorMagic will be exploring all-things related to Predictive Storage Caching. As well as posting new blogs and whitepapers, we’re hosting the next installment of our StorMagic webinar series: “A New Alternative to All-Flash Arrays: Predictive Storage Caching”. Join StorMagic storage expert and systems engineer Luke […]

October Theme Preview

October Theme Preview: Predictive Storage Caching

October is just around the corner . . . To mark StorMagic SvSAN being selected as one of the ‘Top 25 IoT Solution Providers of 2017’, we celebrated by promoting IoT themed content throughout September. If you missed out on any of our September IoT articles – ranging from its application in manufacturing to new […]


Industrial IoT: From Monitoring Things to Monitoring a Process

Industrial IoT is a natural extension of historical process control systems. In the past, each machine or system had its own monitoring and alerting function, to signal when conditions were out of tolerances for that particular machine. To monitor a process across multiple stages, however, often required the person responsible for process control and quality […]


Could your disaster recovery plan be less than adequate?

Many disaster recovery plans (DRPs) focus attention on the “big” threats that have the largest impact such as natural disasters and man-made events. While these are all important and need to be both addressed and planned for, the probability of some of these events occurring could be extremely low. Sonny Bennett looks at where organizations […]

Evolution of Storage p5

Evolution of Storage: Part 5 – Into the future – Software-defined storage

Storage technologies have been constantly evolving over the past few decades, from dedicated application resources, through server consolidation, to the latest innovations in space saving and performance such as thin provisioning, caching using SSD or RAM, and data deduplication. This technological development has lent itself to the requirements of large data center environments, yet largely […]


Leveraging the Internet of Things? The cloud is not your holy grail

Even if you have rudimentary estimating capabilities and you spend a little time doing back of the napkin calculations, you’ll quickly figure out that the notion that “all data is going to the cloud” is patently absurd. In the world of the industrial Internet of Things (IoT), data is collected “in the field.” And in […]

Evolution of Storage p4

Evolution of Storage: Part 4 – Rise of the (virtual) machines – Server virtualization

Storage technologies have been constantly evolving over the past few decades, from dedicated application resources, through server virtualization, to the latest innovations in space saving and performance such as thin provisioning, caching using SSD or RAM, and data deduplication. This technological development has lent itself to the requirements of large data center environments, yet largely […]


StorMagic Named as a Top 25 IoT Solution Provider in 2017

CIO Applications Magazine recently announced its Top 25 IoT Solution Providers of 2017, and StorMagic has been included in the list. Software-defined storage has a key part to play in the adoption and expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT). The sheer volume of data generated by IoT applications continues to rise unabated and the […]

Evolution of Storage p3

Evolution of Storage: Part 3 – Server consolidation and shared SAN/NAS storage

Storage technologies have been constantly evolving over the past few decades, from dedicated application resources, through server consolidation, to the latest innovations in space saving and performance such as thin provisioning, caching using SSD or RAM, and data deduplication. This technological development has lent itself to the requirements of large data center environments, yet largely […]

Evolution of Storage p2

Evolution of Storage: Part 2 – Dawn of shared storage – JBOD arrays

Storage technologies have been constantly evolving over the past few decades, from dedicated application resources, through JBOD arrays, to the latest innovations in space saving and performance such as thin provisioning, caching using SSD or RAM, and data deduplication. This technological development has lent itself to the requirements of large data center environments, yet largely […]

VMware’s new HCI Acceleration Kit (almost) hits the mark

VMware’s new HCI Acceleration Kit (almost) hits the mark

Yesterday at VMworld Las Vegas, as part of their major news release for the day, VMware announced a new HCI offering targeted at distributed IT environments – the HCI Acceleration Kit. We at StorMagic agree with almost everything they are talking about – except the complexity and cost. VMware’s new HCI solution requires three physical […]

Evolution of Storage p1

Evolution of Storage: Part 1 – Dedicated Application Resources

Today, organizations are able to choose from a wide variety of technologies when it comes to deploying new storage architecture. Software-defined storage solutions such as StorMagic SvSAN have paved the way for a more cost effective, simple and space-conscious approach to storage – one that contrasts greatly with the physically large and expensive technologies of […]


Why Now is the Time for an SDS First Strategy

Server virtualization transformed the datacenter and radically simplified server and application deployment. Server utilization became much more efficient, and provisioning new systems much simpler. Because it brought so many benefits to IT, companies began adopting a virtualization first policy as early as 2007. Big organizations like the State of California CIO’s office implemented a virtualization […]


StorMagic’s SvSAN – Targeting HCI’s ROBO Sweet Spot

Howard Marks from Deep Storage and frequent writer for Network Computing discusses how StorMagic’s approach to software-defined storage is designed to keep costs low while improving performance and maintaining highly available clusters. Over the past ten years hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) has gone from leading edge technology to become the fastest growing method for building an IT […]


Managing IoT Data at the Edge of the Enterprise

StorMagic chairwoman Sally Duckworth explains why the masses of data generated by the Internet of Things matters for data storage and management – both at the edge of the enterprise in remote and branch sites, and within the datacenter. The Internet of Things (IoT) is the networking of physical devices, vehicles, buildings and other items […]


What to Expect in 2017 for Software-Defined Storage

StorMagic CEO Hans O’Sullivan offers his insight into what he believes will be the trends in software-defined storage over the course of 2017. The storage market is in the midst of a revolution: the biggest shift in storage technology since networked attached storage was introduced over 30 years ago. Software-defined storage (SDS) — a technology […]