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Evolution of Storage: Part 1 – Dedicated Application Resources

Today, organizations are able to choose from a wide variety of technologies when it comes to deploying new storage architecture. Software-defined storage solutions such as StorMagic SvSAN have paved the way for a more cost effective, simple and space-conscious approach to storage – one that contrasts greatly with the physically large and expensive technologies of […]


Why Now is the Time for an SDS First Strategy

Server virtualization transformed the datacenter and radically simplified server and application deployment. Server utilization became much more efficient, and provisioning new systems much simpler. Because it brought so many benefits to IT, companies began adopting a virtualization first policy as early as 2007. Big organizations like the State of California CIO’s office implemented a virtualization […]


StorMagic’s SvSAN – Targeting HCI’s ROBO Sweet Spot

Howard Marks from Deep Storage and frequent writer for Network Computing discusses how StorMagic’s approach to software-defined storage is designed to keep costs low while improving performance and maintaining highly available clusters. Over the past ten years hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) has gone from leading edge technology to become the fastest growing method for building an IT […]


Managing IoT Data at the Edge of the Enterprise

StorMagic chairwoman Sally Duckworth explains why the masses of data generated by the Internet of Things matters for data storage and management – both at the edge of the enterprise in remote and branch sites, and within the datacenter. The Internet of Things (IoT) is the networking of physical devices, vehicles, buildings and other items […]


What to Expect in 2017 for Software-Defined Storage

StorMagic CEO Hans O’Sullivan offers his insight into what he believes will be the trends in software-defined storage over the course of 2017. The storage market is in the midst of a revolution: the biggest shift in storage technology since networked attached storage was introduced over 30 years ago. Software-defined storage (SDS) — a technology […]