High availability and virtualized infrastructure for the German Army

The German Army needs the ability to take military-grade, highly available storage with them anywhere that field units go, in order to enable the operations and communications it needs to execute its missions. In order to accomplish this the Army purchased and deployed SvSAN which they said was the only solution in the market that fitted their needs.


Consolidation simplifies multi-site retail operations

As one of the leading retailers for food and consumer goods in Western Canada, they are often confronted with unique challenges. One of these challenges involved cost effectively setting up a virtual server environment that would be easy to manage for their 120 stores with over 16,000 employees. Their dilemma was being able to effectively consolidate…


Business continuity in the heart of rural Iowa

It was clear to GCSB early on that tape drives were too expensive and unreliable. Keen on finding a solution that would be both cost effective and simple, the bank analyzed the market in-depth including both hardware and software solutions. GCSB found a consolidated solution in StorMagic’s SvSAN. “It met the requirements of being simple…


Milwaukee gets business continuity without the cost of a SAN

As the need for a high availability infrastructure grew, network administrator, George Knops, was not only tasked with finding the right technology, but also one that avoided the purchase of multiple SANs to accommodate a failover situation. “We were faced with the challenge of needing 2 data centers that mirrored one another, so that…


StorMagic ticks all the boxes & replaces physical SAN at German bank

As CreditPlus grew as a financial institution so did their data storage requirements and would soon require additional disk capacity in order to stay ahead of their rapid growth. Learn how SvSAN replaced their existing SAN solution and met all the requirements in terms of functionality, performance, reliability and cost…


Risk management services provider gains high availability for databases

Digital Risk wanted to virtualize database, reporting, and data warehousing servers with VMware vSphereto gain the benefits of VMware HA and VMotion technologies, but it needed servers that could handle the load of a virtualized SQL Server environment, as well as shared storage. “I already knew that Cisco UCS servers performed the best with StorMagic…


Leading U.S. big box retail chain resolves downtime challenges with SvSAN

In the retail industry, the successful IT management of multiple stores in various locations is a critical component to maintaining business continuity. For one of the United States’ top retail chains, SvSAN was the solution to a series of ongoing challenges – the results since implementation have been outstanding.


Combining virtual SANs and SSDs to unlock value for a large European supermarket chain

One of Europe’s largest supermarket chains had been searching for the right IT solution for its edge sites, to help enable a superior shopping experience for its customers. Recently, the company implemented SvSAN and s842 solid state drives (SSDs) from HGST. The combination has produced a tremendous return…


SvSAN delivers competitive advantage for SafeKick’s oil rig monitoring software

To support its real-time oil rig operations product, SafeKick needs storage with tremendous reliability, scalability, performance and failover capability. The company decided to pair its services with SvSAN, and SafeKick now is poised for success because of the unparalleled value the combined solution offers the market.