Virtual SAN – A Beginner’s Guide

A virtual storage area network (SAN) is a software-based component that provides a virtualized ‘pool’ of storage to multiple virtual machines (VMs) and applications. In order to achieve this, data is passed (shared) between servers over a network using a protocol such as iSCSI or fibre channel.

Virtual SAN

Looking to Reduce Your IT Budget? Consider Switching to a Virtual SAN

There are a number of benefits associated with transitioning from traditional, physical storage infrastructure and switching to a virtual SAN (virtual storage network). However, one of the most notable and advantageous for organizations, at the edge and beyond, is the significant cost savings delivered by making the switch.  Traditional datacenter models require a physical NAS […]


Distributor General Procurement Selects StorMagic for its First Virtual SAN and Key Manager Offerings

Distribution Agreement Adds Virtual SAN and Security Software Solutions to General Procurement’s Portfolio and Expands StorMagic’s Presence in Mexico BRISTOL, England – 28 May, 2020 – StorMagic®, simplifying storage and security from the edge to the core, announced today a new distribution agreement with General Procurement, Inc., who selected StorMagic SvSAN and SvKMS as its […]

Using a virtual SAN in Formula 1

Using a virtual SAN in Formula 1 – new competitive advantages

Formula 1 auto racing relies on gifted drivers in peak physical condition, paired with extremely advanced technology. In a sport where every hundredth of a second counts, decisions such as when to pit the car are crucial and require very fast decision-making and data processing. Can that capability be delivered by using a virtual SAN […]

virtual storage appliances

6 Reasons To Use Virtual Storage Appliances For Your Branch Offices

In this blog, we’ll discuss six reasons why you should consider implementing virtual storage appliances (VSAs), sometimes also known as virtual SANs, across your branch office sites.  1) VSAs Provide Cost-Effective Shared Storage Virtual storage appliances are extremely cost-effective – not only from a point of sale aspect, but also from the perspective of daily […]

retail store infrastructure

Virtualized Storage: The Future of Retail Store Infrastructure

Over the years, mindsets towards onsite IT have changed drastically — particularly when it comes to retail store infrastructure. Retail businesses are moving away from traditional storage infrastructure and instead focusing on implementing virtualized storage solutions that are de-centralized in application control, yet centralized in management.  Ensuring high availability of critical applications across stores is […]


Replacing an Old SAN

Aging SANs put your business at risk Is your SAN getting old? Is the maintenance becoming increasingly expensive and time-consuming? Has it failed recently? Are you running out of much-needed capacity? If the answer to any of the above questions is ‘yes’, then perhaps you’re already looking into replacing your old SAN with a newer […]