SvSAN 6.2 Technical Webinar: Now available on demand

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Both parts of our technical examination of SvSAN 6.2 are now available on demand. In our most well-attended webinar yet, the StorMagic technical team outlines how the new edition of SvSAN operates, and what it can do to simplify your edge site.

In part one, the team outlines how to configure a typical two node environment and then demonstrates how SvSAN 6.2 is deployed. 6.2 is the latest version of StorMagic SvSAN and remains the most cost-effective virtual SAN solution on the market, able to create a highly available virtual environment using any two x86 servers.

SvSAN is designed to create an easy-to-manage edge environment and is the perfect solution for edge sites that want to enable hyperconverged infrastructure. During part one this ease of management is demonstrated as the VSA settings are adjusted to tailor the needs to a specific requirement.

The first part of the webinar concludes with an introduction to the encryption and key management settings. Encryption with integrated key management is an excellent way to ensure security for your edge sites, as physical attack is the most common security threat facing small and remote sites.

Part two delves into the technical aspects of running SvSAN 6.2. This begins with a live examination of all of the aspects within your configuration that may impact performance and show you how you can get the most from your virtual environment. They demonstrate how you can optimize the type of storage that you use, network, CPU and explain active mirroring to build a high performing edge site.

The webinar concludes with a live demo of different failure scenarios. What the system will look like in the case of hypervisor failure, witness failure and encryption failure scenarios, and what you can do to get your environment back online and running as usual.

Both webinars are now available on demand. If you’d like to find out more about optimising your edge site – at the lowest cost in the market – with SvSAN, then you can book a demo with the team, or download a free 10 day trial of SvSAN 6.2 and try it out for yourself.

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