A Super Simple, Robust, Edge Solution: Hivecell Edge-as-a-Service with StorMagic SvSAN

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Earlier this year, Hivecell and StorMagic debuted a new solution, designed to deliver edge computing on an enterprise-scale: Edge-as-a-Service. This unique offering combines Hivecell HCI and StorMagic SvSAN, bringing highly available computing and storage to the edge, as a subscription service.

Edge-as-a-Service is intended to address common challenges faced by edge computing environments, including deploying and overseeing hundreds to thousands of sites, a lack of technical staff onsite, and limited IT infrastructure and resources. It provides powerful processing, centralized management, and failover capability, to help customers more easily and affordably process data at the edge.

Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) — an IT analyst, research, validation, and strategy firm — recently participated in a hands-on demonstration of Hivecell Edge-as-a-Service with StorMagic SvSAN, and has published a new report, summarizing its observations.

In this report, ESG’s Kerry Dolan discusses the IT challenges faced by organizations at the edge, and provides a comprehensive overview of Hivecell and StorMagic’s solution. She discusses the solution’s unique features and user benefits, and delivers a synopsis of the key highlights she observed during the solution demo. The report concludes with a summary of ESG’s first impressions of the solution and recommendations for edge organizations.

Interested in learning more? Download a copy of ESG’s report, “Hivecell Edge-as-a-Service with StorMagic SvSAN: Simple and Powerful.” Discover why ESG recommends organizations struggling to process data at the edge take a close look at Hivecell-Edge-as-a-Service. Visit our website for additional information about our partnership with Hivecell and to check out our solution data sheet.

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