Case Study Spotlight: ANA Aeroportos

Published On: 14th March 2018//1.2 min read//

Keeping Lisbon Airport moving with a cost effective solution maintaining uptime for vital docking systems

Making sure planes can quickly and safely dock is a critical element in an airport’s operation. At Lisbon Airport, known also as Humberto Delgado Airport, the Portuguese airport authority, ANA Aeroportos, required a cost effective yet reliable solution to eliminate downtime on their Advanced Visual Docking Guiding System (A-VDGS).

As a major European hub and gateway into Portugal, the airport at Lisbon has come under increasing pressure in recent years as passenger numbers have risen. In 2016, the airport served 22.4 million travelers, its highest on record. The increase in passengers has meant more flights, meaning tighter turnaround times and an overriding need for efficiencies.

To prevent costly delays with server downtime for their guidance systems, ANA turned to StorMagic SvSAN which was able to deliver a fully redundant solution at a fraction of the cost of VMware vSAN, yet still provide all of the functionality of VMware vSphere Enterprise Edition. The servers at Lisbon Airport are spread over two locations, 1.5km apart, utilizing SvSAN’s stretch cluster capability to mitigate against localized issues such as fire damage.

With server configurations, quotes and detailed insight, read the full story on how SvSAN eliminated downtime at Lisbon Airport in the case study.

If you’d like to check out more examples of how SvSAN helped organizations meet their storage goals, you can view our full list of case studies here.

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