Case Study Spotlight: TDK

Published On: 6th February 2018//1.2 min read//

Internationally recognized excellence

Founded in the 1930s as a ferrite producer, TDK has since gone on to become an internationally recognized electronics components manufacturer. Their products can be found in everything from modern smartphones, computers, electrical appliances, industrial equipment and automobiles.

TDK’s European offices needed a highly available solution to ensure that their business-critical CRM applications stayed up and running – downtime could prove costly and damaging to the brand. Additionally, it was important to keep costs down wherever possible.

With their original solution, a component or power failure on one of the servers there would be downtime until the IT team could fix the problem and then manually restart operations on the cluster.

SvSAN: cutting costs and simplifying storage

After researching potential options for the new server configuration, TDK discovered StorMagic SvSAN through their distributor in Munich and selected it because of its simplicity and low cost while delivering the uptime they required.

StorMagic SvSAN was able to deliver the uptime, simplicity of management and low cost that TDK required for their regional sales offices. Downtime has been virtually eliminated because SvSAN keeps a real-time mirrored copy of all data on both servers that all virtual machines have access to at all times.

To find out more about TDK and StorMagic’s success story, check out our full case study here.

If you’re ready to learn how SvSAN can help your business achieve its storage goals, check out our product data sheet here.

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