Challenges of Delivering ‘Always On’ Productivity

Published On: 12th January 2018//1.2 min read//

It’s no surprise that today’s organizations demand high levels of application and data availability across the enterprise. But delivering this level of high availability is difficult, particularly because of the additional hardware and management required and the costs and complexities they introduce into the IT landscape. Most organizations have to find ways to deliver what the business needs, without overwhelming additional costs and headaches.

When seeking to justify IT investments, most professionals tend to gravitate towards 3 main areas of focus: ROI, reduced OpEx, and business process improvement.

Organizations are willing to invest in IT solutions that provide a good return while improving business processes and reducing costs. SvSAN, which delivers cost-effective, virtual shared storage for remote sites, is one such solution – it enables enterprises to eliminate downtime and ensure high availability of business critical applications at the edge where disruptions directly equate to losses in revenue and service.

By leveraging existing server storage and presenting it as a virtual SAN, SvSAN supports a wide range of organizations – from those with 1 edge site to those with 10,000 or more – through minimal IT infrastructure. It also offers IT organizations a clear migration path from any existing storage solutions, minimizing transition burdens.

To find out more about how you can harness the power of SvSAN to build highly available infrastructure that will suit your organization’s needs, check out our white paper.

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