The New Cisco C4200 Servers and SvSAN

Published On: 20th September 2018//1.3 min read//

For anyone who may have missed the news, in May Cisco announced the new C4200 Multinode Chassis and C125 M5 server, joining the existing products in the UCS C-Series range. Boasting 128% more core density, 33% more memory and memory bandwidth, and twice the server density of rack servers the new servers take high-intensity compute clusters out of silos and into your data center.

Why is this important?

Do you want high performance computing for an edge, branch, or small data center? Do you have locations where you don’t need a giant data center that costs a lot of money? Then this is your solution. And, just like the rest of the Cisco UCS range,- StorMagic has achieved official Cisco IVT (Interoperability Verification Test) validation on the C125 M5 & C4200. val platforms for StorMagic SvSAN.

What does this mean?

You can now run hefty workloads, at the edge, on Cisco servers, with StorMagic delivering the high availability required for mission-critical workloads at an extremely low price point. SvSAN sits on top of the hypervisor to deliver high performance storage that is ideal for the edge. With the addition of Data Encryption in SvSAN 6.2, you can be sure that your new C-Series edge data center is completely secure.

StorMagic is a Preferred Partner on Cisco’s Solution Partner Program (SPP) and SvSAN is available on the Cisco Global Price List (GPL), meaning you can procure your entire solution through your nearest Cisco reseller, wherever you are in the world. For more information on the partnership between Cisco and StorMagic, click here.

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