Webinar Recap: Running SvSAN on the new Cisco ISR 4461 and UCS E-Series

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In case you missed it, our joint lab demo and webinar with Cisco is now available to watch on demand.

StorMagic Systems Engineer, Craig Collier, gave a brief overview of pain points at the edge and how they can be remedied by a lightweight configuration like the joint Cisco UCS E-Series and SvSAN solution. Cisco’s Ian McLaughlin then went on to outline the new ISR 4461 hardware and talk about how and why it is suited for edge, ROBO and small datacenter.

Craig then ran a live lab demo that showed how the deployment delivers highly available storage, while remaining flexible and lightweight.

The Q&A at the end covered the following topics:

  1. Can Cisco provide first point of call for support?
  2. Which hypervisors are supported?
  3. How does SvSAN compare to vSAN?
  4. Is SvSAN compatible with other Cisco ISR platforms?
  5. This sounds very much like a hyperconverged offering. if not, how might the StorMagic/Cisco offering differ?
  6. Will asynchronous replication be available in your roadmap?

You can watch the full webinar here. If you have any questions from the webinar then you can either comment them below, or email them to [email protected]

We’ve also just launched a new white paper on the solution, which you can download here.

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