SvSAN Use Cases: Making the Complex Simple AND Affordable

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SvSAN is a lightweight software-defined storage solution designed to create a virtual environment that is simple, easy to manage and flexible. IT staff love SvSAN because it makes their lives easier, IT Managers (and your finance department) love SvSAN because it’s incredibly cost effective and could save you a fortune on your hardware refresh.

One of the best things about SvSAN is that it fits effortlessly into any edge site, small datacenter or remote/branch office, meaning that it is not only extremely flexible, it also provides cost savings for thousands of different organizations in a variety of industries.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol deployed SvSAN over six years ago. In that time, they have experienced 100 percent uptime. Not only did they save money by choosing SvSAN, they also managed to avoid fines and penalties associated with downtime.

The Security Center of Iceland previously used a mix of servers. They were able to eliminate two full racks in the server room by replacing them with just two Dell servers running StorMagic SvSAN software. By deploying SvSAN on the new leaner architecture, their new solution includes 50 percent more memory, 25 percent more cores and 40 percent more CPU resources (in GHz) at a lower price as compared to alternatives considered.

Retail sites can be the source of multiple issues for your IT team. It’s cost prohibitive to hire IT staff at each of your (dozen, hundred or thousand!!) stores, if there is the option to manage all of your storage remotely, from one place. A well known US-based big box store managed to save 33 percent on their hardware costs by centralizing the quorum server. SvSAN enabled highly available storage across all of their 2,000 stores, requiring only four witnesses for the entire deployment.

If you think that your organization could benefit from cost-effective, lightweight virtual SANs that could transform your site into a simple, easy to manage, virtual environment, check out the SvSAN overview, or get in touch with the team and set up a demo to see if you could save some money: [email protected]

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