DCIG Competitive Intelligence Report: StorMagic SvSAN vs. Scale Computing HC3 Series

Last week, DCIG published a new Competitive Intelligence Report, comparing StorMagic SvSAN and Scale Computing’s HC3 hyperconverged infrastructure. The report, titled “A Comparison of How StorMagic SvSAN and Scale Computing Deliver on Enterprise Edge Computing Storage Requirements,” provides side-by-side analysis of the two solutions and detailed evaluation of their differences.

Like StorMagic, Scale Computing’s HC3 appliances have been designed to meet the unique needs of small and remote environments. However, there are several key differentiators that make SvSAN the optimal choice, specifically for organizations looking to deploy a solution at dozens, or hundreds, or thousands of locations. These include:

  1. Hardware Configuration Flexibility: StorMagic provides organizations more choices in how they acquire SvSAN, allows them to host and operate SvSAN on any vendor’s server hardware, and only requires that they deploy two servers in each edge location. Learn more about SvSAN’s numerous deployment capabilities here.
  2. Software Configuration Flexibility: SvSAN software may be acquired as a software-only purchase, and there are several options when it comes to the hypervisor that the software is run on. It includes several core features (and supports additional software features), is affordable to scale, and is available through a perpetual software license.
  3. High Availability: Instead of utilizing a third server, StorMagic provides the option to use a Witness Host, sited remotely, for high availability. This reduces hardware costs, requires low bandwidth, and eliminates downtime when a server goes offline.
  4. Centralized Management: Management of a StorMagic SvSAN environment largely takes on the profile of the hypervisor the organization uses. Hypervisor management platforms allow organizations to centrally manage their applications and functionality.

“StorMagic delivers edge without compromise. SvSAN is a well-thought-out solution for customers with many locations, thanks to its minimal hardware and networking requirements to achieve high availability.”

–Jerome Wendt, president and founder, DCIG, LLC.

For access to the full report, click here.

Join the report’s author, Jerome Wendt, for an impartial discussion on the merits of StorMagic SvSAN and Scale Computing HC3 in an upcoming webinar on February 26 at 11am EST / 4pm GMT. Click here to register.

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