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Recently, we announced that StorMagic SvSAN is now available on the Dell Software and Peripherals (S&P) price list, making it easier than ever to deploy the most cost-effective hyperconverged infrastructure solution on the market.

Organizations around the world are already running SvSAN on Dell EMC and benefitting from a low-cost virtual SAN solution that enables high availability and is easy to manage.

The University of Oxford is a world-renowned university and runs the largest Facility of Classic in the world. The Facility of Classics manages its own IT and was in need of a low cost solution that could provide highly available storage across 20 different virtual machines (VMs) to run critical applications. They needed something that they could manage easily, while keeping costs down. They achieved this by deploying StorMagic SvSAN across two Dell servers.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is a Netherlands based international airport that has a 99.8% required uptime service level requirement (SLA). They utilize two Dell PE520 servers with StorMagic SvSAN. Firmware and hardware upgrades are conducted during live production, and the systems have experienced no errors or downtime in more than six years, and counting.

TDK is an electronic components manufacturer leading the world in magnetic technology. In their European sales offices there was a need for a new server solution to keep operations running smoothly. They had been using 2-server clusters running Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and mirroring data between the two for high availability. However, if there was ever a component or power failure on one of the servers there would be downtime until the IT team could fix the problem and then manually restart operations on the cluster. By replacing this with SvSAN on Dell servers, they were able to create a highly available virtual environment in all of their offices, and remove the threat of split brain by architecting one remote witness for all of the nodes. Competitive solutions require one witness for each node, by running one witness for multiple nodes, SvSAN was able to cut TDK’s hardware costs significantly.

You can find out more about running SvSAN on Dell EMC here.

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