QUIZ: Are you an Edge Site?

Published On: 1st October 2018//1.8 min read//

We recently ran a blog which defined what the edge was and described different environments which could benefit from edge technology.

However, we realized that many people aren’t sure if their environment qualifies as ‘edge’, so we’ve made you a handy quiz to help clear up the confusion. Simply run through the questions below to see if you’re living on the edge.


Questions One: How many locations do you have that require on-site IT infrastructure to run critical applications?

A)10+       B)3-9       C)2       D)1


Question Two: How many of the following exist at each site:  

  • Proper physical security
  • Redundant power sources
  • Dedicated cooling systems
  • 24 hour staffing

A)0       B)1-2       C)3       D)All 4


Question Three: Where are your sites/datacenters located?

A)Mostly across multiple urban/metro areas      B)Mostly remote locations       C)Generally a single location or two in/near urban areas       D)One large datacenter on the outskirts of a city/large town


Question Four: Approximately how much useable storage capacity is required at each location?

A)Less than 10TB      B)11TB – 50TB       C)51TB – 100TB       D)Greater than 100TB


Question Five: Approximately how many virtual machines/applications are running at each location?

A)1-10       B)11-20       C)21-50       D)50+



Mostly As & Bs: Congratulations, you’re edge. If you’re not sure about what to do with this information then you can check out the SvSAN Datasheet to see how you can harness software defined storage to create the highly available edge environment of your dreams.

You can also get in touch with our team via [email protected], or send a carrier pigeon to Unit 4, Eastgate Office Centre, Bristol, United Kingdom BS5 6XX

Mostly Cs: It’s likely that you’re running an SME datacenter. While you are not edge, you can still benefit from edge technology. Check out SvSAN to see what you could gain from lightweight storage.

Mostly Ds: It looks like you run a large datacenter, which begs the question of how you ended up on our site? Are you lost? Have you never heard of IBM?

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