Lacking an Encryption Key Management Strategy? Your Organization Could Be at Risk of Losing Its Data!

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Many of today’s organizations are producing, sharing, and storing mass amounts of sensitive information on a regular basis. As the volume of critical data being generated and circulated around the globe has increased over time, so too have threats of hacking and cyber attacks. Security and risk management (SRM) staff are being driven by an increase in breaches, compliance requirements, and activity in the cloud, to focus more heavily on developing cyber security and cyber resilience strategies.

Encryption key management is one of the key components being incorporated into data protection plans. Every storage system, database, cloud or local application that provides encryption has encryption keys, and in most cases, lots of them. Organizations often struggle with managing these keys in disparate systems or homegrown processes, which is where key management solutions come in handy. However, navigating the world of encryption key management can be difficult, as there are a multitude of vendors to choose from, different strategies to consider, and regulations to keep in mind.

To help IT, security, and risk management leaders better understand the complexities associated with enterprise encryption key management, Gartner has published a new report, “Develop an Enterprisewide Encryption Key Management Strategy or Lose the Data,” which is available to download through our website, here.

Within the report, we believe Gartner:

  • Discusses common challenges faced by organizations looking to implement an encryption key management strategy
  • Provides a list of KMaaS vendors to consider
  • Supplies a series of recommendations for SRM staff, tasked with improving data and application security

With threat complexity constantly on the rise, we encourage organizations to take note of Gartner’s advice for implementing an encryption key management strategy. Download this exclusive report today to learn more.

Gartner Develop an Enterprisewide Encryption Key Management Strategy or Lose the Data, David Mahdi, Brian Lowans, 29th September 2020

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