GDPR Final Countdown: Are You Encrypting Yet?

Published On: 17th May 2018//1.8 min read//

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is dominating headlines along with messages around severe fines and penalties for not meeting compliance. Is your organization prepared? If you haven’t put systems in place to protect your stored data then you are cutting it very tight, but StorMagic is here to help.

The most common question asked to businesses after a data breach is whether or not the data was encrypted. After GDPR comes into effect on May 25, any data set including European data subjects will be expected to be fully encrypted, as standard.

The best option to ensure data security is to provide edge-to-edge data encryption. However this can be difficult to achieve. Data goes through a long journey, and while many of you might be encrypting email, Internet traffic, payment systems and some specific devices and applications, the majority of data that we store is still vulnerable to breach and physical attack.

This is where SvSAN with Data Encryption comes in. Not only does it provide you with a highly available, lightweight storage solution, but data is encrypted before it is written to disk, and managing keys is a breeze because it integrates with any encryption key manager (as long as it supports KMIP). SvSAN software does all of this without the need for expensive OS or hypervisor-level encryption solutions – saving you a ton of money along the way.

What do you get? No more worries about data breaches from your storage system and you no longer have to worry about expensive, cumbersome data destruction techniques before discarding old or failed disk drives. No longer will you fear server or disk theft, all of your data will be completely encrypted and completely secure.

This is a vital link in the chain that is edge-to-edge encryption and something that you need to have a seriously consider if any of your datasets contains any European data subjects, when GDPR becomes a hard reality.

SvSAN with Data Encryption provides FIPS 140-2 compliant encryption, and it’s 85% less expensive than competing storage encryption solutions. It’s simple, cost-effective and flexible. More details about utilizing SvSAN with Data Encryption can be found here.

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