The Terrifying Tale of Edge Computing Done Wrong

Published On: 30th October 2019//0.7 min read//Tags: , , , , , , , //
Are you ready for a blood curdling tale of the spookiest degree?
There once was an edge site that was sold datacenter technology at a horrifying fee,
Their small sites were overrun with complex, high powered, unnecessary hardware,
The running and maintenance costs were enough to end their virtual storage love affair,
They knew they had overprovisioned,
But they’d never envisioned,
That they could have used their existing IT to prevent downtime despair.

This Halloween, make sure that you’re enabling high availability at your edge sites with the simplest, most cost-effective solution.

SvSAN creates a highly available virtual environment using any two x86 servers.

To find out more about creating a cost-effective, lightweight environment using software-defined storage that is designed for edge sites, check out our webinar on tailoring storage to fit your site.

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