How hyperconvergence offers a great ROI for the edge

Published On: 9th February 2018//1.6 min read//

Continual data growth, storage and IT administration budgets and minimal downtime are concerns that echo back to us from a large proportion of storage managers that manage edge, remote office and branch office (ROBO) storage.

Presented with a conventional set-up with storage arrays, drives, memory and CPUs engineered together, storage managers can find themselves with concerns over budget, skill set and availability.

So how does hyperconvergence help at the edge and what is it?

It may be a challenge in itself to find a single definition of hyperconvergence. However, it essentially entails seamless integration of storage, networking and virtualization, removing the need for a physical SAN. Modular hyper-convergence systems are therefore highly suited to SMBs working with a lean IT force and with a high current or expected scale out to remote offices.

Why hyperconvergence systems offer a good ROI

High availability

Systems are designed for application failover with applications migrated between nodes in the event of a failure. This minimises any downtime and keeps business critical applications operational.

Easy to scale out and to manage

In comparison with convergent infrastructure, reliant on separate drives, memory and CPUs, hyper-converged systems can be easily scaled out with additional appliance modules. The ease of scaling is ideal for businesses expecting large data growth in future years.

Reduces cost

Compared to converged systems, hyperconverged saves cost in both deployment and management of systems across ROBO. IT support needs are dramatically reduced and virtualization software and training is not required to run.

Hyperconvergence ideal for the edge (with only two nodes required)

Stormagic SvSAN enables you to introduce hyperconvergence through a virtualized shared storage platform and is aimed specifically at the edge. SvSAN supports a range of integration options, offers enterprise support and requires only two nodes to run – slashing your server costs.

If you’re interested in affordable hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), why not check out the new HCI appliances powered by StorMagic and Dell?

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