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Here at StorMagic, we like to cover a wide range of topics on our webinars, and during the latter stages of 2019, we ran a number of them in quick succession. In case you missed any, here is a round-up of what was discussed. Each webinar we produce is recorded, and available to watch back, on-demand, at any time. Simply follow the links in this blog to get your StorMagic fix.

Replacing your old physical SAN with SvSAN

StorMagic GM of the Americas, Bruce Kornfeld, outlined how organizations are wasting time and resources by choosing not to refresh their old physical SANs, and how they can instead benefit from hyperconverged infrastructure, using a lightweight virtual SAN, such as StorMagic SvSAN.

Bruce discusses potential reasons for replacing an old physical SAN, then explains how, in its place, the storage of ordinary x86 servers can be virtualized and made highly available with a solution such as SvSAN. He goes on to outline the benefits of virtualization – such as making IT infrastructure easier to manage, reducing costs, and unlocking super lightweight high availability.

The webinar is available to watch back here.


An Independent Analysis of VMware vSAN and StorMagic SvSAN

Independent analyst Jerome Wendt from research firm DCIG examines the suitability of two virtual SAN solutions for edge computing environments: StorMagic SvSAN and VMware vSAN.

In the webinar, he weighs up the strengths and weaknesses of both solutions, as well as evaluating the suitability and sustainability of each solution as part of an edge environment, in a frank and impartial discussion.

The webinar is available to watch in full here.


Tech preview: SvSAN 6.2 Update 2

With the latest update of SvSAN 6.2 on its way, join StorMagic Director of Technical Services, Mark Christie, as he takes a technical dive into the new features that this update will bring.

In an effort to reduce operational pain points, we have made it easier than ever to roll out upgrades to SvSAN nodes by introducing a GUI-led, schedule-able upgrade process.

The upgrade process involves pushing a new firmware image to a dual boot VSA and completing a reboot of the appliance to boot into the new firmware.

This new process is designed to make the whole upgrade that much simpler. It also ensures all health checks are completed so that the process is non-disruptive and able to be done either in production hours or scheduled to automatically take place out of hours.

Mark provides a live demo of this new capability while on the webinar, as well as detailing the other changes that SvSAN 6.2 Update 2 will bring. He also answers a range of questions from viewers on the solution which may prove valuable for others with similar queries.

This webinar is now available to watch back on demand here.

Want more StorMagic webinars? Check out our webinars resource page for a full list of webinars that are available on demand.

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