New Italian Customers Eliminate Physical SANs, Boost Performance with StorMagic SvSAN

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More companies today than ever before are opting to replace their physical SANs and virtualize their infrastructures to alleviate cost and time burdens associated with outdated hardware. Two Italy-based StorMagic customers recently moved away from using traditional SANs to dramatically reduce costs, improve reliability and boost performance.

Industrial sites are under pressure to improve reliability, decrease processing time and reduce overall costs for data processed at the edge. Lab equipment manufacturer, FASTER S.r.l., chose StorMagic SvSAN as part of a hyperconverged deployment. Performance has improved by 100 percent since moving to a virtual HCI environment.

An independent Milan-based financial group streamlined cumbersome hardware into a two-node SvSAN hyperconverged solution that processes data onsite, in close proximity to the finance staff who need to access it. An IT team member involved in the SvSAN integration and the solution’s ongoing management noted:

StorMagic SvSAN let us completely eliminate the high costs and constant hassles associated with physical SANs. With SvSAN, we’ve added resiliency into our datacenter environment, and boosted our performance rates by nearly 200 percent.”

Whether you’re in finance, manufacturing or another industry with many edge locations, hyperconvergence may be the answer to streamline the management of your environment. More than 1,300 small datacenter and edge customers in 79 countries around the globe rely on SvSAN. Many StorMagic customers operate dozens, hundreds or even thousands of locations. Visit the below pages for more information about SvSAN, StorMagic’s latest customers and more.

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