October Theme Preview: Predictive Storage Caching

Published On: 29th September 2017//1.1 min read//

October is just around the corner…

To mark StorMagic SvSAN being selected as one of the ‘Top 25 IoT Solution Providers of 2017’, we celebrated by promoting IoT themed content throughout September. If you missed out on any of our September IoT articles – ranging from its application in manufacturing to new alternatives to IoT – click here to catch up.

This October, we will be continuing our storage journey by focusing on Predictive Storage Caching; the new approach to storage caching can help you achieve significant performance improvements AND lower your hardware costs.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be publishing new articles and a brand new whitepaper on how patent-pending predictive algorithms within SvSAN identify the “hottest” data, and elevate it to the highest performing, lowest latency storage cache for maximum performance. Additionally, we’ll investigate how Predictive Storage Caching can serve as the perfect alternative to sluggish disk drives, or unnecessarily expensive all-flash arrays.

Don’t miss our October webinar!

If you like to digest your content live, check out our October webinar (October 12) with StorMagic expert Mark Christie, who will be discussing Predictive Storage Caching as ‘A New Alternative to All-Flash Arrays’ and answering questions in a live Q&A.

We hope you enjoyed September’s content, and we looking forward to sharing more exciting news and opinions in October and beyond!

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