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Published On: 15th May 2018//1.1 min read//

Virtualization is driving itself toward replacing onsite hardware and running from the “cloud”. This is something that we believe is very achievable, but there is one comment or concern I hear often: “But it wouldn’t be able to compete against physical hardware”

Physical Storage performance is dependent on the hardware, just as virtual storage solutions are dependent on the hardware they are running on. storage virtualization solutions such as SvSAN have proven to it’s customers that software can perform to the standard expected of a physical SAN and beyond, under the correct and intended conditions a user wouldn’t even notice the difference between the two.

Physical storage has one positive selling point which it shares with virtual storage and that is performance. When you get it set up and working correctly it works – eventually! Virtual storage is not just about delivering a performing solution, it’s also about delivering on the failures of physical hardware. A virtual solution costs approximately 60% less than a physical solution and a simple solution such as StorMagic’s SvSAN doesn’t take a rocket scientist to set up and manage (with no bulky hardware sitting in a room needing constant attention like a 3 month old infant).

I challenge readers to download the free SvSAN trial and see for yourself why a virtual solution is the right solution for you!

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