New webinar: Replacing old physical SAN with SvSAN

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Sometimes, you can get away with waiting until something breaks before you replace it. Sometimes, old technology can become dysfunctional before it breaks, which can have implications for the running of an entire system.

An old physical SAN might be familiar and trusted, but technology has advanced to meet the needs of the edge, and hyperconverged infrastructure provides many benefits to organizations for managing their edge sites that servers with external, physical SAN does not.

For context: on a day to day basis, you would look strange leaving your house witha compass, map, camera, address book and CD player instead of a smart phone, but you would think it odd if you were on a large ship that was only using apple maps for navigation. The point being that a physical SAN can be an asset to the datacenter, but potentially a burden on your time and resources at the edge.

Virtualizing your sites doesn’t need to be expensive. Unlike a hardware refresh, deploying hyperconverged infrastructure with avirtual SAN solution that is designed for the edge is incredibly cost-effective and can be deployed in under 15 minutes. Designed as “set and forget”software-defined storage solutions, like SvSAN, could be the key to simplifying your organization’s storage.

SvSAN creates a highly available virtual environment using any two x86 servers. Synchronous mirroring between the two nodes ensures no loss of data and no unplanned downtime of mission critical applications.

Designed specifically for edge sites, remote offices and small datacenters, SvSAN makes it possible to manage multiple sites from a centralized location, making it as easy to manage 1,000 sites as it is to manage one.

On Wednesday 30th October, Bruce Kornfeld (GM, Americas) will be running a webinar on how you can optimize your edge sites by replacing your old physical SAN with a virtual SAN solution like SvSAN.

Bruce will detail how you can enable hyperconverged infrastructure across your sites, using the most lightweight virtual SAN solution on the market.

There will be a short Q&A session at the end of the webinar. If you have any questions on how you can replace your physical SAN, this is a fantastic opportunity to ask them.

Register for your complimentary seat for the webinar and join us at 4pm BST / 10am CT on Wednesday October 30th.

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