Storage Virtualization: Tackling Performance and Capacity Challenges

Published On: 7th December 2017//1.7 min read//

While the data storage demands of organizations have increased, many companies’ IT budgets have shrunk. Organizations are seeking to re-evaluate costly and complex traditional storage models, in favour of adopting software-defined storage and hyperconverged solutions.

The sometimes ambiguous use of these terms to describe a variety of different storage virtualization based solutions means challenges of performance, capacity, scalability and availability vary from solution-to-solution.

Here at StorMagic, we’re constantly speaking to organizations about their storage virtualization strategies. Here are some performance and capacity-related trends we’ve noticed:

Performance issues are a problem for the majority of organizations

Within their current environment, organizations largely report storage performance issues. More than half experience occasional storage performance challenges. However, only around 5% experience constant and highly impactful performance issues.

How do you ensure your organization isn’t impacted by storage performance issues? Learn how to understand and implement storage performance analysis in this white paper.

Capacity challenges are a significant issue for the majority of organizations

Slightly more than half of organizations report occasional capacity challenges of which around 6% of organizations experience challenges that are regular and severe.

Tackling storage virtualization performance and capacity issues

IT departments that ignore service issues at critical remote sites are potentially harming corporate reputation and customer service. StorMagic advocates a more holistic approach that sees the centralized IT purchasing and deployment decisions for remote and branch offices made with equal attention to performance, availability, customer service standards, brand perception and potential cost savings.

StorMagic SvSAN delivers highly available shared storage that can be deployed non-disruptively and managed from a single central location. This allows companies with multiple distributed or edge computing locations to store critical applications and associated data on site so that they are available at all times without needing access to company-wide networks.

The solution is easy to scale up or out with organizational growth and increasing data requirements. Furthermore, our strong partnerships allow us to deliver a range of hyperconverged solutions.

Click here to find out more about SvSAN, or find out how you can get started today with a free trial by clicking here.

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