StorMagic SvSAN 6.3 Compatibility with vSphere 7.0 and Hyper-V 2022

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Downtime, cost, and performance are massively important factors for companies today when it comes to choosing IT infrastructure and solutions.

Thanks to physical SANs and legacy IT hardware filling up floor space, adding complexity, and cutting heavily into department budgets, many organizations have switched to a virtualized environment. Doing so benefits users greatly by enabling the hyperconvergence of compute, networking and storage resources, and simplifying and centralizing deployment and management.

SvSAN 6.3 and vSphere 7.0

In November 2021, VMware removed their vSphere 7.0 Update 3, 7.0 Update 3a, and 7.0 update 3b from all sites, due to an upgrade-impacting issue. StorMagic’s previous certification of vSphere 7.0 was error-free, but (for your peace of mind) we’ve since qualified this vSphere release against the latest SvSAN release, SvSAN 6.3, to ensure no compatibility issues.

We have also updated our vCenter plugin to conform to the new vCenter design framework with this announcement. But no need to worry! The functionality, look, and feel StorMagic provides with our current SvSAN plugin remain completely intact.

Our new SvSAN 6.3 plugin architecture removes the plugins from the vCenter server base and places them in a separate virtual machine on vSphere. The advantage of this approach? It isolates the plugin from vCenter upgrades which previously required our plugin to be reinstalled, freeing you from the hassle of manual software upgrades each time there’s a new vCenter release.

Here’s what you get when you combine our latest 6.3 version of SvSAN with vSphere 7.0:

  • vSphere High-Availability – allows virtual machines to be restarted on other available servers
  • VMware vMotion – enables live migration for powered-on virtual machines
  • Distributed Resource Scheduler – divides and balances computing capacity for virtual machines dynamically across collections of hardware resources
  • vCenter Plug-In – integrate SvSAN with the vCenter management console with our  dedicated HTML5 plugin for effortless upgrades and administration

SvSAN 6.3 and Hyper-V 2022

After conducting extensive testing without issue, we’re also pleased to report that StorMagic’s new 6.3 release is also fully compatible with Microsoft Hyper-V 2022.

When used in tandem, the new SvSAN 6.3 update with Hyper-V allows you to expand virtual machine mobility and flexibility, handle multi-tenant environments, and build scale. Pairing SvSAN with Hyper-V allows users to benefit from:

  • Live Migration
  • Dynamic Optimization
  • Failover Cluster configuration – providing Hyper-V high availability

StorMagic SvSAN 6.3 Now Available

SvSAN 6.3 is now available to purchase and existing customers can upgrade to it right away, non-disruptively.

To learn more about the latest release of SvSAN, download the product data sheet, and if you’re ready, try out SvSAN 6.3 with a no-obligation free trial of the software – get started today.

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