SvSAN on Hyper-V

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SvSAN is a cost-effective virtual SAN solution that brings shared storage to edge sites, branch offices and small datacenters. It’s a software-defined storage solution, which eliminates the need for physical SANs, and has been designed to be incredibly lightweight, meaning that it can run on very lean hardware infrastructure.

Microsoft Hyper-V helps reduce capital expenditure and operational costs by consolidating more workloads onto fewer servers. This allows you to increase agility, efficiency and flexibility of your on-premises IT resources. Together, SvSAN and Hyper-V creates a virtualized environment that is flexible and cost-effective.

Deploying SvSAN with Hyper-V enables a shared storage environment that is both easy to manage, and saves you money on your hardware refresh. SvSAN enables the use of any x86 server and its internal storage and is not restricted to certified JBOD enclosures allowing customers to use their preferred server and storage. SvSAN can even be deployed onto existing Hyper-V servers, maximizing and protecting the customer’s investment.

SvSAN is installed as a virtual machine onto the Hyper-V environment enabling the VSA to leverage all of the features of Hyper-V – such as Live Migration, Dynamic Optimization, and failover cluster configuration – as well as all of the benefits of Microsoft Storage Spaces, without needing to leverage hardware RAID adapters or external JBOD enclosures. With SvSAN on Hyper-V, end user achieve true high-availability across only 2 servers. With SvSANs remote witness capability, hundreds and even thousands of Hyper-V clusters can be managed remotely.

Want to find out more about deploying SvSAN as a configuration with Hyper-V? Find out more with our solution overview.

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