SvSAN White Paper Spotlight

Published On: 10th November 2017//1 min read//

Our SvSAN white paper has been updated!

Implementing effective edge computing solutions can be challenging. Elevated hardware costs and additional maintenance/deployment challenges mean that expanding your operation can quickly become a headache-inducing experience.

StorMagic SvSAN makes virtual SANs simple for edge computing: eliminating the need for expensive and high-maintenance physical SANs and simplifying your edge computing.

Tried and tested in some of the most challenging remote environments in the world, SvSAN works by converting the disk, flash and memory of two servers into a virtual SAN. Whether you’re looking to deploy in one or a thousand locations, SvSAN has got your storage needs covered!

Our popular SvSAN white paper has been refreshed and is the perfect resource if you’re looking to deploy virtual SANs as part of your edge computing solution.

In the white paper, you’ll learn how SvSAN can help overcome real life remote IT challenges. We also examine how SvSAN provides a simple, cost-effective and flexible solution that can help your business achieve its storage goals.

If you’re ready to dive in and find out more, click here to access the latest version of our SvSAN white paper

Looking to get started today? You’ll love our free 10 day SvSAN trial!

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