Try Before you Buy: Encrypting at the Edge

Published On: 17th July 2018//2 min read//

Soon after the GDPR compliance deadline passed, we hosted a joint webcast on the state of industry to explore how the game has changed. Titled “Encryption’s Evolution in Today’s GDPR Compliant World”, attendees learned how GDPR is impacting the encryption landscape at the edge, along with customer examples and tips for implementing data-at-rest encryption with key management.

Some key findings from the webcast include:

  1. Historically, edge-based encryption has been overlooked, forgotten or just too expensive to pursue. New solutions are now emerging to make it easy and affordable to protect against threats, meet regulations and avoid penalties.
  2. Because there’s less physical security at ROBO and other edge sites, adding an encryption layer to your IT strategy is becoming increasingly critical at these locations.
  3. Finance, IT, Telecom and Retail sites are the top adopters that report “heavy encryption use” today.
  4. On average, companies run a 1 in 4 chance of a data breach occuring in their environments.
  5. Intellectual property, legal and financial data are the key data sets that must be encrypted- although for ultimate peace of mind, companies should encrypt everything when possible.
  6. GDPR fines start at 2% of last year’s gross revenue- or €10 million- whichever is higher. If breaches occur in multiple countries, organizations can expect to multiply that by the number of countries in which the breaches occurred.

StorMagic SvSAN solves pain at the edge and offers an affordable, flexible, easy to implement encryption at 85% less than competing solutions. When coupled with Fornetix Key Orchestration, edge sites can unlock a centrally managed and deployed key management solution with datacenter class features. The complete, hyperconverged solution includes server, storage, networking and encryption with key management, for maximum control in a lightweight IT footprint tuned for edge sites.

Try Before you Buy

If you are interested in test driving a new edge-based encryption with key management solution, Fornetix and StorMagic are both offering free trials of their software solutions. Follow the below links with instructions to download; and let us know how we can help you through installation.

Fornetix Key Orchestration free trial:

StorMagic SvSAN free trial:

Additional Resources

You can replay the webcast, “Encryption’s Evolution in Today’s GDPR Compliant World” on demand and access the accompanying slide deck at this link.

Click here to download a complimentary copy of the recently co-authored white paper from Fornetix and StorMagic, “Top 10 Checklist: An IT Director’s Guide for Edge-Based Encryption Deployment”.

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