Virtualized Storage: The Future of Retail Store Infrastructure

Published On: 2nd January 2018//1.8 min read//

Over the years, mindsets towards onsite IT have changed drastically — particularly when it comes to retail store infrastructure. Retail businesses are moving away from traditional storage infrastructure and instead focusing on implementing virtualized storage solutions that are de-centralized in application control, yet centralized in management.

Ensuring high availability of critical applications across stores is top priority for retailers, as system downtime directly impacts the bottom line. However, they often spend more time putting out metaphorical fires, as opposed to fireproofing current retail store infrastructure.

Retail Store Infrastructure: Physical SANs vs. Virtual SANs

Retail organizations are turning to virtual SANs (Storage Area Networks) as an alternative or replacement to their remote site physical SANs. While physical SAN solutions provide the shared storage required to ensure high availability of data and applications, they can create more problems than they prevent. For example:

  • Storage environments are virtualized to improve simplicity and management. However, physical SAN solutions complicate these environments and require time-consuming, technical, storage expertise to manage.
  • Physical SAN solutions are a high CAPEX and OPEX investment, that require additional upgrades over time and eventual retirement.
  • Businesses often implement physical SAN solutions to improve availability of data and applications. On the contrary, they are a single point of failure in the environment and it would require two physical SAN solutions to remedy this, almost doubling CAPEX.

Why StorMagic SvSAN?

StorMagic’s virtual SAN solution, SvSAN, provides affordable shared storage, high availability, and reliability, while eliminating the need for physical storage networks at retail stores. It is ideal for remote sites and helps customers realize the following benefits:

  • Simple to use and manage
  • Significantly reduces capital costs
  • Low ongoing operational costs
  • Fast and easy deployment across dozens, hundreds, and thousands of remote sites
  • Small footprint
  • Hardware independence
  • Excellent application performance
  • True two-server high availability without local quorum server requirements

Learn More About SvSAN:

For additional information on how your retail business can harness the power of StorMagic SvSAN, visit our retail webpage. See how Sheetz Inc. utilized SvSAN to optimize their systems across hundreds of convenience store locations, in our customer case study.

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