Watch Your Assets with ARQvault Video Surveillance Solutions

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These days, video surveillance is everywhere – retail stores, parking lots, warehouses, manufacturing sites, hospitals, government facilities, airports, train stations, corporate campuses, schools, stadiums, and more. The term “video surveillance” often conjures something serious and nefarious, which can sometimes be the case. But what it typically equates to is watching out for your assets — physical (i.e. property and equipment) and your customers, employees, students, patients, passengers, or anyone else that’s present at your facility.

Video surveillance is no longer just a tool that’s good to have “in case something bad happens,” but also a tool for insight and analysis. However, with opportunity comes challenges. Organizations now have more cameras in more places with higher resolutions, creating an explosion of video data — and they need somewhere to put it all. In addition, evolving retention, compliance, and legal requirements mean businesses may need to retain video for longer periods of time, if not forever!

To utilize and manage surveillance video, many organizations implement a video management system (VMS). StorMagic’s new ARQvault Video Surveillance solution enables businesses to capture video anywhere, store it forever, find it fast, and reduce storage costs by at least 50% versus other solutions. It provides a full-featured live view and massively scalable video wall, is easy to use and manage, and is secure and always available. Only ARQvault automatically moves video to different tiers of storage and keeps all video instantly accessible as an active part of the solution. The solution utilizes metadata extensively to make videos quickly searchable, and provides insights and associations for additional business value. Interested in learning more? Click here to visit our ARQvault Video Surveillance page and download our comprehensive video surveillance solution brief.

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