White Paper Spotlight: Building a Highly Available SvSAN Configuration

Published On: 29th December 2017//0.9 min read//

Check out our latest white paper: Building a Highly Available SvSAN Configuration

For businesses across almost all industries, downtime is disastrous. Aside from lost productivity, downtime often results in interrupted service provision, dissatisfied customers and ultimately, lost revenue.

The solution is to ensure that IT systems are designed with resiliency in mind – high availability is essential!

This is doubly true when dealing with computing at the edge. Faced with obstacles including budget constraints, space restrictions and even potential environmental challenges such as power outages and impaired internet access, it is important for IT systems in remote locations and satellite offices to build-in the required levels of resiliency and redundancy into the architecture from end to end.

Our latest white paper, “Building a Highly Available SvSAN Configuration”, covers the details of a typical SvSAN configuration and explains how to achieve high availability in order to prevent downtime.

Click here to access the full white paper, or if you’d like to learn more about SvSAN you can view our product overview here.

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