As the volume of data being created, managed and stored by organizations around the world increases and diversifies, it becomes ever more important to have a data security and protection plan in place. 

Encryption is a tried-and-tested form of data protection. However, one of the challenges of effective data encryption involves the security, storage, and maintenance of the encryption keys.

Truly effective data protection requires a key management service that can provide a single pane of glass into the overall cryptographic environment, communicate with multiple cryptographic environments, scale up to meet increases in volume and data complexity, and provide separation between keys and the data they protect. 

What is StorMagic SvKMS? 

StorMagic SvKMS is an encryption key management solution that can be deployed in any environment. It simplifies complex security and key management infrastructure by providing centralized management and the ability to deploy a KMS to wherever it’s needed. This makes it perfect not only for the datacenter, but for the cloud and edge computing environments as well.

SvKMS is a secure, highly available system that can be deployed within on-prem, cloud, multi-cloud, hybrid cloud, and edge configurations, and integrates with current hardware security module (HSM) deployments. Regardless of where data is stored, it can be encrypted using keys generated and managed by SvKMS. What’s more, SvKMS can even import and manage keys created outside the solution.

What sets SvKMS apart from other key management services is its flexibility of deployment in many different environments, its robust key features, and how simple its interface is to navigate and use, while still providing many enterprise-level features.

Interested in Learning More? 

We’ve published a new white paper on our website on encryption key management and StorMagic SvKMS. In this white paper, we discuss the need for a key management solution, cloud service encryption, common key management issues, and BYOK. We also provide an in-depth overview of SvKMS and it’s powerful capabilities and features. 

Visit our website here to download our new white paper, “StorMagic SvKMS – Keys to the Kingdom: Consolidating Encryption Key Management with SvKMS.”

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