Managed Security Service Providers

A unique enterprise-grade, multi-tenant KMS solution for your customers

Differentiate your security offering with a hugely flexible and robust KMS at an unbeatable low cost

The challenge facing modern MSSPs is providing a data security solution that not only delivers a best-in-class service that customers can trust, but one that is simple to manage and inexpensive to procure and operate. SvKMS enables MSSPs to provide a hosted encryption key management service built around a multi-tenant architecture. This allows the MSSP to build just one key management service that serves many customers.

Whitelabel hosted KMS

Provide a value-added encryption key management solution to your portfolio of offerings.

Multi-tenanted solution

Create a single service that offers segmented secure tenancies for your customer base: one service, many customers.

Supports open-standard KMIP

Allow your customers to take advantage of many different encryption use cases using the KMIP protocol.

A multi-tenancy solution with enterprise-grade key management features

SvKMS delivers a key management service for MSSPs that can be segmented and logically isolated for many customers through the use of multi-tenancy. The key management service runs in a single physical environment, yet can be split up into hundreds or thousands of tenancies. Furthermore, SvKMS can handle anything from hundreds to millions of key requests in near real-time including app and infrastructure changes, modifications, and upgrades. Industry-leading REST API customization, manageability, and KMIP server functionality make SvKMS an excellent MSSP solution for delivering enterprise-grade key management offerings.


StorMagic SvKMS Data Sheet

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