It’s a Forever Data World

StorMagic helps you forever store, protect, and use your data at and from the edge

The Edge is Changing the Game

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Data is forever being generated at the edge. In fact, it is predicted that three times more data will be generated at the edge than in the cloud or datacenters in 2022. That’s now!

This data must be managed in a unique way, as edge and SME locations often lack traditional IT infrastructures.

The sheer volume of data, from one to thousands of locations, multiplied by the sources and types of data, requires the ability to parse, utilize, and maintain edge data differently.

The Edge is Changing the Game

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Why Now?

Data at the edge is changing dramatically with the explosion of IoT, machine learning, 5G and beyond, plus the expansion of new retail experiences, increasing use of video, and evolving technologies enabling smart cities, connected utilities, remote healthcare, augmented reality, connected cars, and much much more.

Organizations of all types and sizes need to take an edge-centric, edge-first approach now to take advantage of the possibilities rather than be overwhelmed by the onslaught.

This new edge is creating a volume of data not experienced before, and it’s not just quantity. Not all data is important, so categorization and organization become paramount prerequisites of successful edge data use.

Organizations must figure out how to manage data at and from the edge, so they can best utilize and extract value, as they are faced with:

  • huge volumes of unstructured data
  • many different data formats
  • the need to move edge data to the core (cloud and/or datacenter), and back
  • transforming (filtering, thinning, categorizing) data to eliminate what’s not needed, yet retaining the right data for business impact (data enrichment)
  • getting data to the right place for real-time decision making – processing and understanding data quickly to see trends, demands, and patterns – and taking action
Why now for Forever Data?

Forever Data Solutions

StorMagic’s Forever Data solutions ensure your data is always protected and available, no matter the type or location, so you can derive value anytime, anywhere, even forever.

Our products provide a variety of features and capabilities for storing, protecting, and using your data at and from the edge.

The Future is Forever

Forever data concepts are applicable across almost all industries and application types. As data expands at the edge, the ability to store, protect, and use that data for organizational benefit is the goal of Forever Data solutions. Our vision is evolving, just as edge data and its organizational importance continues to evolve. Included in our thinking is providing our customers with technologies and capabilities:

  • eliminating data silos and centrally removing data redundancy
  • allowing data enrichment, increasing the value of the content
  • performing complex transformations and analytics per your needs, not someone else’s predefined workflows
  • managing data sovereignty and centrally dealing with security and compliance
  • making it easy to adopt new technologies as better ways to store, protect, transform, and use data are developed

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