Industrial Internet of Things

High availability at the edge

Enabling high availability for Industrial IoT

SvSAN enables low-cost, geographically distributed, but centrally maintained infrastructure that can support the performance requirements of real-time analytic apps and the uptime requirements for process-control applications in Industrial IoT.

Affordable infrastructure for remote sites

Even when the difference is small, cost savings multiplied across hundreds of locations add up to big money. But, StorMagic SvSAN delivers significant savings at each site, saving some customers millions in capital expenditures and annual operating cost. SvSAN can reduce per-site acquisition and maintenance cost by as much as 40% over alternative approaches.

Lower maintenance costs

Hardware failures don’t have to be emergencies. SvSAN enables high availability, which means that hardware repairs can be done next day or even next week. There’s no need for costly 2-hour response time or emergency service.

Uptime and performance in a lean package

Raw data is important, but to be of value, much of it must be analyzed in real-time. Cloud-based analytic applications are great for developing what-if scenarios and the algorithms for predictive failure analysis, but there’s no value in predicting a historical failure. StorMagic makes it affordable for organizations to analyze data when it’s needed and where it’s needed, to make informed, real-time decisions.

What StorMagic SvSAN delivers

SvSAN enables hyperconverged, highly-available, high-performance compute and storage infrastructure on low-cost servers. StorMagic’s easy-to-use virtual SAN converts internal disk, flash and memory of two or more servers into a robust, shared-storage appliance, thereby removing the need for a separate external storage array. By converging compute and storage into a single, hardware-agnostic platform, organizations gain unprecedented flexibility, efficiency and performance, while simplifying management and support and driving down OPEX and CAPEX.

SvSAN listed as top IoT solution

StorMagic SvSAN has been named as one of CIO Applications Magazine’s Top 25 IoT Solution Providers.

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