SvSAN with Linux KVM

Hyperconverged infrastructure at a surprisingly low cost

A complete, highly available, two node solution for under $10,000

The significant costs of a hypervisor can prove to be a stumbling block for organizations when architecting their IT infrastructure. The 'hypervisor tax' as it's become known, can limit options and force organizations down prescribed paths, not only concerning software, but hardware as well. More and more firms are moving away from this restricted model to a more flexible alternative.

That flexible alternative is open-source. StorMagic SvSAN, based on Linux itself, is fully compatible with open-source Linux KVM hypervisors. This gives organizations the ability to deploy highly available, hyperconverged clusters on Red Hat or CentOS distributions at an incredibly low cost. A two node solution, including hardware, software and maintenance, can be purchased for less than $10,000.


Hassle-free open-source

A fast, scripted deployment and step-by-step integration guides eliminate stress and turn a complex process into a simple checklist while oVirt and RHV provide easy management


Dodge the hypervisor tax

The lightest, leanest 2-node solution with no feature-heavy software to purchase and a free, open-source hypervisor releases budget to be used elsewhere


More choice, more control

Eliminate the complexity of other hypervisors, with no forced upgrades or development paths and leverage additional open-source tools to tailor the solution to precise requirements

SvSAN is available on these Linux KVM distributions:

Making simple, low-cost hyperconverged CentOS and RHEL solutions a reality
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Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)

Easy, centralized management with oVirt or RHV

Managing hyperconverged storage infrastructure that runs Linux KVM hypervisors does not need to be complex. SvSAN is compatible and integrated with common KVM management platforms oVirt and Red Hat Virtualization (RHV), allowing node and cluster management to be centralized. Both offer a GUI-based open source interface, with familiar hypervisor capabilities, including virtual machine high availability and failover, migration, snapshots and load balancing.

Two Servers – HCI (KVM)

SvSAN’s features, capabilities and architecture, right down to the code are the same regardless of what hypervisor it is installed upon. Combining SvSAN and KVM creates a compelling, low-cost hyperconverged solution that can deliver two node high availability.

Choosing open-source over a paid hypervisor results in significant CapEx savings by eliminating the cost of the hypervisor and any higher specification hardware that may be required. It also lowers OpEx through reduced support costs and no costly upgrades. Together, all of these savings release unused budget to be reinvested elsewhere in the organization.

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“StorMagic’s SvSAN enables us to cost effectively implement simple, 2-server highly available systems with minimal hardware requirements.”

Uwe Fischer | Head of Asset Information Systems | E.ON

Boston University

“StorMagic SvSAN is a simple solution that we configured during the initial installation, and we haven’t had to look back since.”

Bryan Bettencourt | Network Engineer III | Boston University Medical Campus