SvSAN with VMware vSphere

Virtual shared storage for VMware vSphere environments

StorMagic has partnered with VMware to deliver a shared storage solution: SvSAN with vSphere

Virtualization can increase the agility, efficiency and flexibility of your IT infrastructure while allowing you to benefit from significant cost savings by reducing the size of your IT environment. VMware with its suite of virtualization products, vSphere, is the recognized leader in virtualization and the automation of compute, networking and storage resources.

Storage virtualization enables the pooling of physical storage from multiple storage devices into a single virtual storage device managed from a central console. SvSAN is StorMagic's software-defined storage solution than enables you to simply and cost effectively virtualize your storage and modernize your IT infrastructure.

Fully certified for use with vSphere, SvSAN can be deployed with ease and the flexibility to non-disruptively upgrade to meet changing capacity and performance needs.

StorMagic's SvSAN combined with vSphere enables customers to benefit from features such as:

  • vSphere High-Availability - allows virtual machines to be restarted on other available servers
  • VMware vMotion - allows live migration for powered-on virtual machines
  • Distributed Resource Scheduler - divides and balances computing capacity for virtual machines dynamically across collections of hardware resources

Integrated with vCenter and endorsed by VMware, StorMagic SvSAN with VMware vSphere Remote Office Branch Editions is designed to meet the challenges of enterprise ROBO environments deploying high-availability infrastructure with two servers per site.

See how easy SvSAN can be installed on vSphere 6.5 with this video guide.


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“StorMagic’s SvSAN enables us to cost effectively implement simple, 2-server highly available systems with minimal hardware requirements.”

Uwe Fischer | Head of Asset Information Systems | E.ON

Vegetables Web

One of the leading retailers for food and consumer goods in Western Canada is are often confronted with unique challenges. One of these challenges involved cost effectively setting up a virtual server environment that would be easy to manage for their 120 stores with over 16,000 employees.